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The Faerie Glen Haibun

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The Faerie Glen. Invisible location deep in the valley behind the rusty garden shed – a magical world. I came by it only once – a youngster’s dream for sure. Wild and free, barefoot walking onto lush, mossy, carpet beds – the tips of my toes sink deep – the perfect earth shoe cradling gently.

in renouncing all –
authenticity of time
tweaks perception

When the morning sun intermittently filters through the thick canopy of trees, a glistening day begins. Fairies. Like gossamer feathers in flight. The most enchanting moment when I believed in faery tales. Whoosh. Just a bippity-boppity-boo from fairy godmother and I am in…my Cinderella love story. White horse-driven carriage, formerly a bright orange pumpkin, jewel laced Vera Wang gown, a handsome prince charming by my side, and of course, a happy, happy, ever after.

gurgling stream
tickles my bare toes
disrupts a fish burp

— — —

Inspiration: Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt: Mirror or Faery


16 thoughts on “The Faerie Glen Haibun

  1. rommel says:

    You got some wild imaginations there, Sunshine. I’d turn into a carriage for you, but I need to know for sure that your prince is handsome and kind before I do it. 😉


  2. julespaige says:

    Dear Sun – fairy tales are fun. I am amazed with so many versions of Cinderella. I just read something about Vera Wang that she is now also designing wedding bands.

    I would like to think that even without the gown and pumpkin carriage – that we can make our lives very pleasant indeed. 🙂 Especially with so many wonderful friends!


    • Sun says:

      i can only be amazed at V. Wang’s creative works. lovely, but so expensive. sigh.

      on fairy tales and how it continues throughout time and in every culture must bring out the goodness in our nature, at least i hope so, Jules. i agree our lives can be just as wonderful as a fairy tale – we just need to want and think it so.
      i always enjoy your thoughts, a blessing. thank you. ♥


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