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Iridescent Morning

Tan Renga November Challenge: Day 6. Yes, I am one day behind schedule.  *Steph from Restraint Unfettered is the featured haiku writer today. Her beautiful haiku comes first followed with my two, seven-syllable line ending.

the eucalyptus
captures the iridescence
in the morning fog*

a flash of lustrous colors
fuse with first sip of chai tea

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Common Grackle

…And how did your morning flash on today?

 — — —

inspired by:

Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem November Tan Renga Challenge

thanks for joining me today

33 thoughts on “Iridescent Morning

  1. rommel says:

    My morning is awful. I did not want to wake up and work. 😀 though, It was a good thing that our work hours was cut a little bit shorter because of rain.
    Ow, chai tea sounds good tomorrow morning. Maybe, I’ll have a good one then. 😀


    • Sun says:

      thank you! the haiku i credit to Steph – i just added two lines to complete the haiku. i love the energy you bring – very refreshing! ♥


    • Sun says:

      i always wondered about these black looking crow like birds. urban slickers – always making a big racket in the parking lots, stealing food from other birds. you are right Philmouse – very loud and demanding. guess they’re smart ones after all. 🙂 thanks!


  2. munchow says:

    Reading your haiku made me feel good and joyous. I usually don’t drink tea (or chai), but suddenly I had a craving for it. Says quite a bit, doesn’t it?!


    • Sun says:

      hey Otto! well i take absolutely no credit for the haiku. it was written by Steph – i just added the two simple lines to complete it. No, not a chai drinker? hmm, maybe a bit too spicy or maybe not served a very tasty one. yet. 🙂 when it is really cold outside, nothing like a very hot cup of chai to soothe out the winter. ♥


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