eerie, weekly photo challenge, spider, haiku, photograph

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Eerie. Something strange, frightening and what if…you fell asleep, dead tired after that long, long, long day from work why even the sleeping walls shake wide awake from all the snoring. 

What if…you find yourself unexpectedly caught in an eerie, dark haiku dream but it seems so real you begin to wonder why it is getting harder to breathe.

eerie black spider
scrapes silently to your room
finds dinner still warm

finds dinner still warm
keep fresh under sticky wrap
your eerie nightmare

eerie, weekly photo challenge, spider, haiku, photograph

What would be the eeriest nightmare ever?

One eerie nightmare would be finding something ferocious standing in front of you like Harsha’s eerie snapshot

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie.

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    • Sun says:

      just a little glimpse into the eerie world of nightmares, IT. now your post on eerie – really spooky and told so well. ☺ thanks!


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