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Loving Hands

Well hello November. I know I should push towards a new blog challenge. You know, to stay motivated and charming (laughing).

Okay, how about a Tan Renga every day?

For those not familiar, Tan Renga comes from the Japanese poetry form where two writers collaborate to complete a chosen haiku. The first writer sets the tone with either a traditional or contemporary style haiku. The second writer finishes or caps the haiku with two, seven-syllable lines.

Today, Jessica | Like an Apple is the featured haiku writer followed by my two completion lines. Thank you Jessica!

wind jostles the scarecrow
near the heavy – hung cornstalks
the summer is spent

you with outstretched loving hands
harvest earth’s bountiful gifts

farming, tan renga, writing challenge, earth gifts, love

Artist: Kateryna Bilokur

   Now that a season is slowly turning to the next, what are some seasonal things you will miss once it is gone?  

(I already miss summer’s sweet and juicy watermelons!)       

— — —

 Inspiration: Chevrefeuille| Carpe Diem Tan Renga November Challenge day 1



33 thoughts on “Loving Hands

    • Sun says:

      sigh. it is hard to say goodbye to warmer weather in exchange for the chilly cold. you made me smile knowing you had a lovely tropical type walk – love just walking around outside. thank you for sharing. ♥


    • Sun says:

      i know what you mean, Marilyn – the layering is a killer. and not bad when you are outside in cold temperatures but then you have to endure the heated buildings. ugh. thanks for reminding me… sigh.


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