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The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Here is the thing, a lighthouse, specifically, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, survived over 1600 years due to its solid construction. Historians say it took on ferocious assaults from storms and at least three major earthquakes. This lighthouse during its height of popularity was the tallest building in the world, except perhaps the Great Pyramid. However, some discredit the pyramid as the tallest building because by definition, a building is for human habitation.

So disregard the pyramid; make the lighthouse the tallest building built on the Isle of Pharos that guided trade ships into Alexandria, Egypt’s busiest harbor, make it one of the first lighthouse model and then award it as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world.

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ancient ship sailors’ night light
procession beacon

Procession beacon
glow for lovers’ evening strolls
solar garden lights

— — —

Do you ever wonder why ancient structures like the Lighthouse of Alexandria can last so long over time yet today, it seems, things tend to fall apart with a small gust of wind?

This is the final Seven Wonders of the Ancient World haiku challenge series hosted by Chevrefeuille | Carpe Diem Haiku.

Finally, an excellent selection on the plight of Syria refugees, a must read: Bjorn Rudberg’s Writings: Lighthouse On Pharos

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    • Sun says:

      we take less time, have super technology but manage to produce inferior quality goods/buildings- hmm, maybe Marilyn, we lost some ancient history tip along the way. 🙂 thanks for the light


    • Sun says:

      ancient history is a challenge but as you read more into it, interesting facts come up. i can understand your deep love for this time period – very rich. thanks 🙂


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