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Priceless Treasures a Līgo Haibun

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I watch a good friend from church – metal detector in hand, a treasure hunter. On a good day, his canvas bag fills quickly of assorted coins, rings, medallions. Sometimes even wristwatches turn up. He spends hours walking back and forth like a pirate searching for his remaining buried pieces of eight. But is this profitable and worth hours searching, I ask. “Of course not,” he says “but look, here – an old class ring and worn wedding band. Devastating loss.”

I stare perplexed wondering, no gain, why bother then.

shifting sands
trinkets fall by the wayside
kind gesture restores

::: ::: :::

Written for the Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt.


22 thoughts on “Priceless Treasures a Līgo Haibun

  1. yarnspinnerr says:

    Wonderful. You have so subtly made us realize the joy of work on loves even at the cost of it not being very productive. Excellent.

    Thanks for including my ligo input in your check it out list. 🙂


  2. nicolethelocalartist says:

    What could be more reverent than someone holding the sacred relic of a life up to the light? Really like that , perhaps he was mining for his own lost treasures?Quizzical face with questioning smile…


    • Sun says:

      it is nice when we can find something we lost even if it has no market value, the memory is the treasure. i agree also, Marilyn – treasure hunting is fun!


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