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Endless Winters Ligo Haibun

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As the first snow falls, I think about my older sister. She is on a mission. To deliver a newborn. To breastfeed and hold in her arms new life. I see her vivid dreams of a house full of children as she reads and sings favorite bedtime stories and rhymes. Anticipation. Hope. A swinging successful nine months.

Failed pregnancies begin much like the start of winter – hopeful. The excitement grows inside and all around,  like watching slow drifts of snowflakes that begin to color in every open space; a shade of pale blue and white blanket laid neatly and pretty across the landscape. But as weather suddenly changes, so can a woman’s body. My sister does not know why her body rejects the one dream she wishes so hard for that it hurts like a frozen wind that numbs to the bone. Morning comes. I hold my sister while the cold blizzard passes.

Abandoned swing set
Grows invisible each year
Fulfillment denied

*** *** ***

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge – Picture Week.

23 thoughts on “Endless Winters Ligo Haibun

  1. nightlake says:

    One of the most scariest things for women. How it must hurt that they have nurtured and lost the baby. What kind of dreams they might have had – thoughts of naming the baby, its future etc…Yes, probably losing it is like going back to winter from spring.. powerful theme..well written


  2. Ye Pirate says:

    Your best piece of writing, or it feels like it. So well-written it almost shocked me how the words convey the intense despair. The prose leading to the haiku has got to be the best combination I’ve read for a long time. We’ll be putting a haibun anthology together soon. Hope we can use this one! I will write more about that next posting.


  3. Island Traveler says:

    It is a very sad and traumatic event when a woman looses her baby before it’s even born. No words for the loss and pain. Sorry to hear about your sister’s loss. Your love and those of her family will slowly heal the tears and heartache. Moving post.


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