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September’s Reflection: Everyday Give Thanks

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♥Everyday give thanks. ♥

In a blink of a moment, life can come to a complete halt. Sometimes luck may warn us ahead of time but what if tomorrow never comes?

Since time is ephemeral, I make it a serious habit of finding at least four blessings everyday to be thankful for.

Also, I know how I fail big time staying in touch with both my long time readers and new subscribers, but please know my effusive heart thanks you all –

Thank you for your unfailing support and love.

In September, I am grateful for…Kindness, comfort and little things I often miss in my busy days…

– recycled hand-me-down clothing – fresh aroma of just washed clothes – comfortable shoe gel inserts – time spent streamlining clothes to give away – getting bills paid on time – peaceful visits to church sanctuary – small family farms…

– dedicated volunteers helping recovering substance abuse people stay on track

an opportunity serving over forty families at community food bank… 

– dedicated health care workers – a smiling four-month baby girl in church nursery – morning sunlight streaming through the window – watching leaves starting to fall – invention of the desk stapler – portable plastic storage bins – door knobs – brick homes – soft carpet floors – our human cervical spine – foaming hand soap…

– good works inspired by St. Vincent de Paul

gratitude, postaday, spider, list, photograph, nature

Busy worker wrapping up a McSpider Happy Meal…

– lip gloss – movie night with J. Depp’s Public Enemy – last few days of September… 

– finding assorted bugs to feed giant garden spiders 

I am grateful for…Nourishment and…crock pot steel-cut oatmeal breakfast – homemade pearl tapioca pudding – leftover beef brisket compiled over fried corn tortilla, melted cheese, sour cream, salsa and lettuce…

– extra-large supreme pizza– homemade buttermilk banana bread – peppermint tea – homemade Indian Taco – fresh sweet pineapple salad – buttermilk…

– crock-pot beef stew – sharp cheddar cheese – mocha ice coffee – after dinner mints…

– community food bank volunteers working hard rain or shine 

I am grateful for…Happy moments, surprises that delight and…a big Great Dane dog seeks your protection when it fears – fingernails…

– peace found in God – hand lotion – early morning rainfall – large size at low-cost dog shampoo

two years flying with WordPress

– thankful for a quick recovery from disastrous blog theme change back to original theme…whew!

– festivals that honor the dead…like Obon celebrations – parent(s) that stay focused on raising mindful and respectful children – God’s sustaining love and much-needed rainfall this morning…

Jack Russel Terrier puppy

Grateful for a Jack Russel Terrier playful spirit – and no, this is only an Internet look-alike version of the pup I know. ☺


I am grateful for…Convenience found…in aromatic fabric softener – a two kitchen sink feature – remembering to pick up toilet paper from store…

– dirt roads with little to no dips or holes to mess up your truck tires

 – digital photo frames – electricity – sharp scissors – empty cardboard boxes to refill and reuse…

…and one more thing, a haiku of course:

In silence
September days bid farewell
bows in gratitude



21 thoughts on “September’s Reflection: Everyday Give Thanks

    • Sun says:

      ♥ Thank you, Angelia! I enjoy the updates on your latest precious blessing – beautiful!! Here’s to October and take care traveling. ☼hugs!


  1. Kozo Hattori says:

    So much service, so much love, Sunshine. What a blessed life. I never thought about steel cut in a crock pot. Great tip. Yay, for Obon festivals. I used to dance in them, now I just wash dishes. 🙂 {{{hugs}}} Kozo
    I will be off the grid for 10 days, so you need to continue the gratitude practice for the both of us. 🙂


    • Sun says:

      Kozo, good news about your 10 day silent retreat. i am going to put that on my bucket list. let us know all about it. when, where all the good stuff…and washing dishes is just as good as actively participating. many saints chose to be low and in the end rose to the top in the eternal life. ♥ safe journey to your destination. ☼hugs


  2. Sonel says:

    I had to laugh at the McSpider happy meal Sun. LOL! A grateful heart is a happy heart indeed. Lovely post hon and thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*


    • Sun says:

      you should see these huge garden spiders, Sonel. you can actually see the webbing they shoot out and quickly wrap up their meal. Just like those Mcdonald workers. 😆
      ☼Hugs and thank you!!


      • Sonel says:

        Oh, I know I would enjoy it there Sun. I love watching spiders. They are truly fascinating. 😀
        hahaha, I wouldn’t know but I believe what you say. Never been in McDonalds or ate anything they make. 😆


      • Sun says:

        hmm, guess you are lucky the big McDonald food chain have not come to ruin your health with fast greasy foods. 🙂 count yourself blessed, Sonel. cheers!! 🙂


  3. rommel says:

    Sweet post, Sunshine. When times are rough, I look at things I have or had done that others are not as fortuned to have.
    Sux that I missed Obon here in Okinawa. I witnessed the end of it, the Eisa Festival, which is so awesome enough.


    • Sun says:

      it would have been nice to take in all the Obon festivities, Rommel, but given how much blessings flow your way, i would bet sometime in the future the moment will arrive. i have no doubt you and your camera will be ready. 🙂 do they say banzai over there? just wondering. cheers!


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