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Salvation: Carpe Diem Imagination Affair

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salvation –
to gain your deliverance
train mind and body

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This morning I was Inspired by Buddha’s words, “Work hard to gain your own salvation,” and Carpe Diem | Imagination challenge.

Have a look at Carpe Diem and if you feel inspired, link up a haiku. The challenge is open until October 16.

Peace be with you ☼

4 thoughts on “Salvation: Carpe Diem Imagination Affair

    • Sun says:

      🙂 the photograph came with the challenge – it does promote a peaceful state. sending you ☼hugs and peace! thanks, Sonel♥


    • Sun says:

      your words of encouragement makes me happy, LuAnn – i have found haiku to be just that, calming and very peaceful. thanks for sitting in a bit. ♥


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