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cold raindrops falling: A Tan Renga Affair

Well, thought I would have to forgo this week’s Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga but I managed to clear a few items off my beloved to-do list. 🙂 Now let’s get started! The first stanza of the Tan Renga is a haiku written by Jazzbumpa (cool name, huh?) of Retirement Pastels.

Since our weather is cooling off and preparing for autumn, my mind seems to linger over nighttime gatherings with a huge bonfire roaring.

Remember,  Jazzbumpa‘s (JZB) haiku starts the Tan Renga and my two, 7-7 syllable lines follow.

green leaves turn orange
amid the colors we see
cold raindrops falling

marshmallow, haiku, tan renga, bonfire, writing challenge

as bonfire colors spark
another marshmallow burnt

::: ::: :::

I hope you enjoyed this short chain poem. Remember, you can always jump in anytime if you feel a haiku inspiration coming on – simply go to this week’s Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga. Everyday a new prompt helps you get started in the art of writing haiku. Go for it!


21 thoughts on “cold raindrops falling: A Tan Renga Affair

    • Sun says:

      Ooo, i am soaking up your lovely words, Sonel. i am still in the very early stage of learning about the art of haiku. fascinating style learning to get down to the bare necessities to make a word image. thanks, and since it is Friday – YAY! hope your weekend breezes in nice and easy!! ☼hugs


    • Sun says:

      i wish you the same, IT – your loving presence i hope never to take for granted -you abundantly bless many with your generosity of time and kindness.
      Thank you! ☼hugs


  1. rommel says:

    No fall for me this year. Just heavy rains and typhoon ahead. Is it foolish for me to think and hope for heavy storm? I want to see thunders and see if I can take pictures of it. Hehe. And, I wanna answer to a typhoon relief, ’cause part of what I do is that. Ooopsy. Evil thinking, pardon me.


    • Sun says:

      if anyone can capture a thunderstorm in a brilliant photographic series, it would be you, Rommel. no, not foolish to think and hope for heavy storms – just not too big you wash away with it before i can say, thanks! 🙂


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