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Seated Man Haiku Affair

The Challenge
Chevrefeuille, host of Carpe Diem, uses a classic art piece to challenge writers in the art of haiku. He says use your imagination to create, “…a kind of painting with words.”

The Work
Oil painting by Pablo Picasso – Seated Man

One can easily see Picasso’s avant-garde spirit in the Seated Man. Releasing himself from proper rules of painting; Picasso used this freedom to return to early spontaneous, natural type of painting.

The Painting and Haiku

Egotist caught in tight web
Seated man struggles

Winds of change
Gratitude finds seated man
Oak seed germinates

What comes to your mind with the Seated Man?

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26 thoughts on “Seated Man Haiku Affair

    • Sun says:

      🙂 i really like your view on the Painted Man, Sonel! fantastic thought. wow, i’m just thinking…to meet Picasso and to see him at work – that would have been a dream! ☼hugs, Sonel!! thank you!!


    • Sun says:

      maybe that is how Picasso wanted his Seated Man to be for all ages – a mystery and every one seeing something different. a lovely thought, IT. thanks! ☼hugs


  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    I don’t know, Sunshine, but the only thing I see is an incomplete man, living half in the shadow, with three vingers on each hand and a mixed-up mind. Your haiku makes it more complete. Pawkiss 🙂


    • Sun says:

      your version, Little Binky, i think wraps the Seated Man up properly. an incomplete, mixed up mind half shadow of a man. 🙂 poor dear. okay, but i hope you found some time to spend relaxing this Sunday. little sun time and kitty treats… 🙂 ☼hugs!!


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