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A Tan Renga Affair – “just a kiss”

This week’s Carpe Diem | Tan Renga Challenge offers a haiku written by Wabi Sabi. The goal is to finish the haiku with two, 7-7 syllable lines.

Being that it is nine eleven today, my thoughts linger in prayer for those lives lost and the families and friends left behind.

At sunrise –
No words between lovers
Just a kiss  – Wabi Sabi

Break Through 1995 "Walls break hearts, h...

Delivered at ground zero
Silent assurance of love – ☼me

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    • Sun says:

      as a team player, i thought i would edit your words – a bit. scratch out the “try to” and keep only “will send out…” ha-ha. love you, Kozo. 🙂


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