Carpe Diem Specials, haiku challenge

Carpe Diem Special – releases the moon…

This month, Carpe Diem’s, Special, features haiku poet, O. Mabson Southard, a renowned haiku writer, who practiced the 5-7-5 syllable count form. The writing challenge is to complete the O.M. Southard’s haiku in, as Chevrefeuille writes, “…the same sense, tone and spirit” as the original.

Hmm, not an easy task but let me make the attempt.

In the garden pool,
Dark and still, a steppingstone
Releases the moon.  – O. Mabson Southard

Moon shadows cover
Blithe wine drinker, unbridled
swims free at midnight 


14 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Special – releases the moon…

    • Sun says:

      Your passion for the art of haiku really shines through at Carpe Diem. So happy you generously share your knowledge, time and creative works – Thank you, Chevrefeuille! (I hope you made it through without the comment problem.)


    • Sun says:

      i hope the master haiku poet does not mind the little fun in a midnight swim. ha-ha. this would be a great adventure for Molly and Chuckles! 😆 bring Molly the next time, Phil!


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