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Quote This – A B4Peace Affair

Everyday Gurus monthly peace challenge looks at quotations this month with the goal being to produce quick moments of inspiration as a reminder to continue in the practice of peaceful living. Kozo mentions our quotations may come from any source:

books quotations – poems – sayings – song lyrics – mantras – personal sayings – movie lines – scriptures – anything you heard, read, saw or created.

I find encouraging words from the scripture verse, Isaiah 52:7:

Isaiah 52;7

14 thoughts on “Quote This – A B4Peace Affair

    • Sunshine says:

      it is a beautiful verse, is it not? we may have sung that song in church but off hand, i cannot remember. it shows how much i pay attention on Sunday. (oops)
      on pingback – you’re welcome – happy to have your post highlighted. 🙂


    • Sun says:

      Hi Little Binky and Granny,
      Hope your September is going great for you both – must be a busy month. Are you going into summer or into winter season over there? hard to keep track with the different seasons…take it easy and thank you. ♥


    • Sun says:

      i thought the word, publish, was an interesting translation of that verse rather than the usual, good news of peace and salvation. thanks for another great monthly challenge, Kozo. (also the BBQ idea – 🙂 )
      ~blessings ☼HUGS


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