Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Cheri Lucas Rowlands writes:

“In a new post [for the Weekly Photo Challenge]…share a photo with an unusual point of view.”

Recitals. The dictionary definition:

“The performance of a program of music by a solo instrumentation…”

Usually, attending a recital, say for a solo pianist and depending on the length of the program, is never easy. Parents, very close family and best friends can truly appreciate the program since most know the amount of work the performer puts in prior to the performance.

Here you will find their program audience participation as top-notch: They sit attentive, quiet and smiling through the entire one-hour.

Others may participate in just the opposite way.

Imagine you are somewhere between the ages of three to six years old, you have a camera for some odd reason, and your mind cannot fully comprehend sitting still and being quiet – ever.

Imagine the unusual point of view from a toddler’s perspective on waiting for a piano recital to happen….


Can we go home now???

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    • Sun says:

      oh, Kozo, sorry for the painful reminder. it really is hard for little ones – thankfully we all grow up soon enough to enjoy these once tedious moments. ☼HUGS my friend. ♥


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