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Grateful Living: August Reflections

Grateful for: New opportunities 

– to remove distractions for a few hours (cell phone, internet, television) just being still – take part in a successful silent auction for charitable organization – to share thoughts & love with all of you here – for a weekend house guest – keeping fly population in control with natural homemade spray – do nothing Saturday afternoon – share Jack Russell puppy time – exterminate a few (sorry, but what powerful stingers) small red biting ants – watch little kids videos with little toddlers at church nursery – create a monthly post for Everyday Gurus Monthly Peace Challenge– shake my head in disgust with an overzealous mole(s) or gopher(s) leaving huge dirt mounds that spills over to walkway…


Gopher – not my photo but it may be the same pesky varmint! Photo credit: sgrace

– to reconnect with a friend from high school – staying calm during an unusually crowded day at the grocery store checkout line – have a reliable driving vehicle –  take some kids to funny puppet show – the musical group, Pink Martini – auto feed weed eaters fresh ♥  community stage theater – board meetings with wine and finger foods ☺ clean public restrooms – not finding scorpions in the house – watching the house cat eyeing the hummingbirds at feeder – fine tipped ink pens – doing a good deed for neighbor…mowed the overgrown front yard – a wall to slap on post-it-notes on – floor brooms – hard-working police force – soft cotton shirts – lotion infused tissue so your nose stays chap free ☺ smiles from strangers – strong handshakes – smooth gravel roads to drive on

Grateful for: Comfort, nourishment and love found in so many places 

– to have a large selection of groceries/supplies available 24/7 –  create lemon stir fry chicken with bare essentials in the freezer – share some leftover stew with a Great Dane pal – BBQ at the lake – mix sour cream and salsa for a unique chip dip ☺ to enjoy a cup of coffee and read – teriyaki stir fry chicken for dinner – summer potluck dinner

Darla's Water Fountain

to enjoy the backyard…this is cool. i need one of these: Darla’s Water Fountain  (Photo credit: javaturtle)

– homemade hamburger sandwiches – hot chili pepper powder – fruit salad –  Southern fried chicken with red potato salad – Tabasco sauce – People magazine for fluffy gossipy reading entertainment – frozen bananas – no leftover refrigerator shelf – maple cream cookies – Cuban chicken dinner – sweet raw onions – blogging buddies ♥ morning walk – memory foam mattress pad – ice cream drumsticks – first sip of hot freshly brewed coffee – mornings – LIFE – flavor of fresh garlic – fellowship with Christian women in prayer – to reach out and touch another living being out of goodness and without selfish motivations – over the door hanger hooks – small family owned grocery stores –

Grateful for: Nature, friends, movies, books, special moments…..

– to get in an automobile and just drive – to know helpful, kind people in my community – Morning Glory vines growing on backyard fence – Matthew McConaughey’s DVD: The Lincoln Lawyer – hear the buzzing of hummingbird wings as they fly by –  taking hot showers anytime – German Shepherd pups finding fur-ever homes – visits to my blog neighbor: aFrankAngle – enjoying fairy tale comedy, Wedding Planner, with J. Lopez and Matthew McConaughey – to enjoy a clutter-free desk – automatic pencil sharpener ♥ sing in the shower – hear roosters crowing and thunderstorm approaching – feel the cool wind after the rain…

English: Painting "A Type of Beauty"...

To see beauty in our flaws and struggles – to hear the rumble of trains passing...

haiku – Native American relaxing CD music – fine point writing pens – water balloon fights – cooler temperatures especially at night – overcast days – rain puddles – pre-addressed stick on mailing labels – bamboo cutting boards – art work on postage stamps – a full moon night – finding assortment of bird feathers while walking – wild yellow daisy flowers – beautiful sound of Chopin piano musiccomplexity of our emotionsgoodness found in people we encounter briefly throughout our day – kindness and sacrifice of individuals taking in animal strays and finding foster or adoptive homes…

garden spider

Giant garden spider wraps up big grasshopper…

giant spiders keeping insect population in check – college ruled writing paper – security home alarms; gentle words; prayers learned as a child that surfaces when you need them the most – inspiration when it comes in a flash – window shopping – comfortable walking shoes – window glass cleaners – big dogs that think they are little in size ☺ happy ending stories

Grateful for: Wisdom shared 

a radio talk show featuring the best ice shape to use in drinks (one large ice-cube) – to know about inflammatory breast cancer through fiction novel, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah – The Rebelution youth doing hard things and raising low expectations around the worldEdeyo Foundation bringing literacy to Haitians – Goodreads that inspire the love for reading – finding half-priced books at a book sale – TinCanTraveler’s Flight 93 Memorial post – Locks of Love – collect hair (wigs) for children with cancer; hair salons that participate in Locks of Love – @ symbol and other shortcuts.

And this is the end – my wrap up of August – just a small way to say thank you for all the things mentioned and the many blessings I failed to notice.

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Grateful Living: August Reflections

  1. Sonel says:

    Sounds like you had lots of fun Sunshine. What’s Chuckles doing? Tell him I miss him. Both of you must have a great weekend. 😀 *big hugs*


    • Sunshine says:

      Chuckles: i have been real busy, Miss Sonel. my fur has been falling out everywhere. maybe the heat is making it do this. i hope baldness does not come with my Great Pyrenees dog heritage. eek! now i must run along and bemoan this day watching all the patches of fur fall to the ground. but you have a great weekend. eat a hearty snack for me. 😆


      • Sonel says:

        Oh, you must not worry about that Chuckles. Because it’s getting hotter now your fur will fall out so your body don’t overheat. I have to brush Simba more regularly now as well as I can’t shave him because of his skin condition but he enjoys it when I brush him. I am also sure you will not become bald, so don’t worry about that either. You take care and stay cool my cute furry friend and have a great weekend too. I promise I will try..hehehe
        *big hugs*


      • Sunshine says:

        Chuckles: oh, Simba and I must be brothers. i also have skin condition. i think. it seems to be around my elbows. no hair, just wrinkly dry skin. really ugly to look at. no medicine seems to work. i hope it is not mange. ugh. tell Simba i really feel for his skin problems. bye-bye for now.


      • Sonel says:

        Chuckles, I feel for you and Simba. It’s not nice to live with a skin condition.

        Here are some great articles I found that might help and as I searched I found that quite a lot of owners have this kind of problem, so don’t feel bad:

        I like the idea of the Bag Balm, sterile pad and baby socks. Sounds like it could work well. 😀
        It’s not mange, that I can assure you. Mange is infectious and it would spread quickly. It’s just something that lots of furry friends struggle with. 😀

        Simba have Canine Papillomavirus. It causes small, benign growths and he has a few of them on his body and feet and he contracted the virus when he was a baby and nothing helps. I just put Vitamin E and Castor oil on it to keep it from growing and that he doesn’t lick it too much. The vet even removed a few when he was younger.

        So, don’t feel bad my furry friend. Seems if it’s not the one thing, it’s another. 😆
        Take care and give Sunshine a hug and kiss from me and Simba. 😀 xxx


      • Sunshine says:

        Chuckles: Why thank you so much, Miss Sonel. The Bag Balm looks like something I should try. If it fails, I can try the horse hoof thingy or the Castor Oil. I like the sock idea to keep the stuff on me but hopefully I do not tear it off while sleeping. Oh, poor, poor, Simba. Canine Papillomavirus sounds serious. He still looks great with all that fur. Your methods work. Okay, let me get someone here to drive me to the country feed store and see if they have any of the things mentioned. Wish me luck! 🙂


  2. Island Traveler says:

    A grateful heart is a heart so blessed with everything pure and wonderful. So many to be thankful for each day despite of the many trials we go through. Seeing the positive of things and putting that into mind is a one secret to inner peace and happiness. Have a great weekend.


    • Sunshine says:

      thank you Island T. you truly are blessing many with your positive (and great photographs) attitude and love for your family. peace be with you and yours always. ♥


  3. Kozo Hattori says:

    Sounds like someone has a Mathew McConaughey crush. May I suggest Contact with Jodi Foster? I love the being still part. We all need a pause to refresh or a paws to refresh. I need to get some chicken recipes from you, Sunshine. You make my mouth water. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


    • Sun says:

      it is either chicken or pork – the two cheapest meat products around here. i guess all the cattle around here are dairy of something…or maybe it is more expensive to feed and care for them. hmm, Contact with J. Foster? must go and find it – she is a great actress. thank you so much for this monthly gratitude idea, Kozo. ☼HUGS to you and family.


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