“the swing of the gate” – a Tan Renga affair…

Time again for another Tan Renga challenge, featuring a modern haiku writer, Mabson O. Southard (1911-2000.) Because Southard wrote his haiku in the classical 5-7-5 syllable structure, our host, Chevrefeuille – Carpe Diem – challenge writers to complete the Tan Renga following the 7-7 traditional structure.

As you can tell, I get so excited with these Tan Renga challenges! First comes the original in 5-7-5 form, then, Carpe Diem host, Chevrefeuille, then me!

Just the cellarpit;
Only the catbird recalls
The swing of the gate        -Southard

The squeaking of the gate to the backyard
Breaks through the silence of the spring night   -Chèvrefeuille

Lock from gate drops to bare ground
What luck for a bored Great Dane     -Me

Great Dane


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