A Ligo Haibun Affair – daddy walks free

daddy told stories of his youthful days – wild, carefree and perhaps, a bit ego-enhanced in his old age. anyway, our dinner chatter often centered on reminiscing –

his rendezvous meetings with wrong herds…brought trouble and many bitter encounters with his authoritarian father. managing like any hard-working herd dog, his keen father drove his wayward troubled son quick, across an ocean –
to a work-based, all boy, boarding school. it took time for the staff to settle
the boy’s rebellious spirit – angry, headstrong escape con artist he was, but…they did. must be the consistent discipline he needed to
train up a successful man.

i wonder why some things do not change as easy as the weather; sunshine one minute, rain, the next. daddy never lost his love
for cussing nor drinking, but he always brought home blankets of family provisions and abundant warmth from his love. he often said,
living in a nursing home would be the final choke hold to do him in.
mom found daddy one day
resting – flat-out, not breathing, on the back porch deck. mom thought. it would be you to give that last look with a good-bye…to the golf course. she is right, but not a farewell.
daddy walks a new game…

ruminating on
parting ways with memories
sets us free to live

::: ::: Written in response to the photo prompt offered this week in the Ligo Haibun Challenge.

Photo source: Ese’s Voice

24 thoughts on “A Ligo Haibun Affair – daddy walks free

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Great description of him. Well done.
    It reminds me of one of my grandfathers that I never met – he had great visions and started several companies – struggled through the depression. One of the first backers of the dam that created Lake Travis near Austin. He’d go out walk the bluffs and gaze over the slowly filling lake waters. On his last summer’d day, he was found quietly sitting under a tree looking over his beloved land and lake.
    Somehow I think the verse fits him, too.
    Just nice. Thanks


    • Sunshine says:

      thanks, Philmouse! your grandfather – one of the few who used their gift of vision to bring good in this world. oh, i can see him as he comfortably looked over his achievements as his spirit gently lifted. most likely still working on all his latest projects. 🙂 wonderful little story you kindly shared. thanks! ♥


  2. rommel says:

    I’d like to meet the person when I exit. I think we’ll go along well as long as I’m not the one cussing and drinking. 😀 I’m glad that people in my life understand and tolerates the care-free attitude I have.


    • Sun says:

      the goodness we hold within somehow shines no matter the mask we wear on the exterior – your love ones know of your good heart, Rommel. 🙂 happy adventuring!


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