A Carpe Diem Affair: Risshuu, or the coming of autumn

On this first day of September, Chevrefeuille writes: “What a joy … nature’s putting on her festive clothes in a grand farewell to summer.” 

To kick-off this new month, how about a haiku challenge titled, Risshuu, or the coming of autumn.

I thought three haiku verses should cover it – see what you think:

Coming of autumn
Impeding separation
Stirs sadness within

Resplendent colors
Sweep slow across the landscape
Tender good-bye kiss

Farewell to summer
Tree leaves disappear –
With autumn angel

coming of autumn

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Autumn – such a pretty season full of changes and definitely cooler temperatures. What do you like about autumn? For those celebrating the three-day Labor Day weekend, have lots of fun and stay safe.

Thanks, and until next time, may you find charming angel inspiration all around you!  ☺


15 thoughts on “A Carpe Diem Affair: Risshuu, or the coming of autumn

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    • Sunshine says:

      thank you for the inspiration to start the new month, Chevrefeuille –
      BTW: i did contact WP Support again about this commenting problem. hope to resolve soon.☺


    • Sun says:

      hello Kozo! ☼HUGS! sometimes season changes are a good motivation tool – forces you to prepare for each one waiting to take the center stage. then of course, you can ignore all the weather signs outside since all you want to do is blog. next thing you either have massive snow storms or an intense heat wave grinning into your window. 😆


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