A Friday Fictioneers Affair – Who Done It?

This week’s photograph from the Friday Fictioneers hundred word story challenge intrigued me for some reason. Perhaps the two gossiping station cleaners I observed while waiting for friends to arrive triggered the story.

Who knows?

copyright – Dawn M. Miller

“Such a shame about that rich kid,” she said. “Here his mother built such a successful jewelry store empire, and all destroyed by this murder business!”

“I dunno,” younger cleaner replied. “It may have been the mother. Remember years ago when her husband turned up dead? She hired that hot-shot attorney and got acquitted.”

“Nah, I still think her son felt threatened by mom’s new beguiling lover. He was almost his age you know. Sure good-looking and mama’s boy may have sensed trouble ahead. ”

“Girl, get back to cleaning. Let the jury decide tomorrow who gets the guilty verdict.”

::: ::: :::

Friday Fictioneers meets every week. The challenge is to a write one hundred story with the given photo prompt. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the gracious host, gives the key: “Make every word count.” 


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