Guest Writer: Chuckles Wraps Up August

Sunshine Award

Good day, Folks. Chuckles here to give the award shout out, or better, bark out. Ruff!

Wait. So rude of me to forget. How has your August been? Did you get everything done as planned?


Oh, so kind you asked. I must say, this month has been terrific as weather goes. I think there have been about four or five days that the temperature rose close to one hundred.

Life is good, although; I sure wish Rommel from The Sophomore Slump had invited me to Japan.

Maybe next time.

blog dog

i feel so pretty…

As you can see, I have my favorite spot under the flowering bush. Do not ask what kind of flower it is. I am clueless.

Hey, maybe Kozo or Island Traveler may know. Both are super family men and smart. I bet one will know the answer.

To get on with business.  Back in May, I must have spent too much time playing around with Little Binky and Simba, Sagittarius dog ☺. I missed featuring Musings and Rants awards.

Go ahead.

Be brutal.

I deserve it.

Just let me do one thing first:

dog hole

let me dig a big hole…

Ahh, now, where were we.

Right. Awards. 

Shazza’s  7 Wonderful Encouragements and the new awards.

Liebster Share the Love Blog Award

thanks, Shazza ☺

Dragon's Loyalty Award

i’m not scared of this dragon…thanks again, Shazza

Meet blogger Shazza as, in her words, rants about God, life, movies and randomness.

As my way of thanking all of you readers and loyal followers, a video (shh, I stole borrowed it from aFrankAngle) gift. It is my favorite.

Oh, I cannot stop myself from laughing over this video!

What is this? Excitement! We just met Morgan not too long ago and she honored us with  A Plethora of Awards from her BooknVolume blog. Why, thank you. This is perfect timing and we are grateful.

These are her awards:

Thank you, Morgan from BooknVolume

Thanks again, Morgan.

Well, time to go for my mid-morning snack, get a bit of Reading Pleasure, fill up on Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge, then off for a snooze day of patrol.

Take care until next time!

Chuckles a.k.a furry guest writer

9 thoughts on “Guest Writer: Chuckles Wraps Up August

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    “Oh, Chuckles, Molly here. I’m digging a big hole too this morning! The ground is so soft and I can rip up the grass and toss it in the air. Hey the birds might want it for a nest, right? That’s what I’m sayin’ if asked.
    Your portrait is so lovely with all that white fur.
    I dragged Mouse down the sidewalk today trying to get to the High School where all the kids were going – even though it was roasting outside and barely light. I cannot wait for cooler weather….maybe Mouse will be able to go faster if I get her in shape now. It’s not looking good, though.
    That video cause laughs once again. I’m sending it to the German who thinks she’s a great conversationalist now.
    Congrats on all the awards – are you going to save them in that hole? Sounds good to me.” Paws up for Chuckles!


    • Sunshine says:

      Chuckles: Miss Molly, I am delighted to here you are helping the birds build strong nests. Grass, sticks and let us not forget our warm soft fur we provide for them…a dog’s life, never a dull moment, eh? Please do not mention walking. No, I am seriously allergic to any type of extra physical activities. You must check on Mouse. It may be the same problem. Hey, that dog in the video kinda looks like the German. Oh, maybe my eyes are getting weak. Well, gotta go bury showcase all those awards now. 😀 Take care, Molly and say thanks to Mouse and tribe. ruffHUGS!


  2. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Man, are you handsome… sitting in your beautiful rose garden, I can smell the wild flowers all over you.. Congratulations on all your awards, Chuckles..that’s a lot to put into the ground, isn’t it? Before you take your nap, you have to work on Simba’s link…it leads also to my blog, you know…and don’t overwork yourself, Pal 🙂 Pawkisses for the nighty 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Thank you, Little Binky for pointing out my link error. You do not know how many times I went over each link just to make sure it was correct. Bah. That Simba was trying to run from me again. Those little dogs can be tricky at times. (hope Simba is home asleep and does not read this….) okay. gotta run back to…my uh, guard post. yah. that’s it. 🙂 ruffHUGS!


  3. Sonel says:

    Chuckles, you are just the most adorable ever. Congrats on the lovely awards and well deserved for sure! I like that big hole you dug there. Looks comfy and very cool. 😀 *big hugs* from me and Simba. xxx


  4. Kozo Hattori says:

    Don’t know what kind of flowers those are, Chuckles, but you look marvelous in front of them.
    Love the video. I always knew dogs could talk. Didn’t know they could blog until I met you.
    Dig a hole for me.
    {{{{Hugs}}}} Kozo


    • Sunshine says:

      Chuckles: aww, ruff…no worries, Kozo. flowers, they come and go. just thought you may be a flower man. they have no aroma so at least i can enjoy a good snooze without perfume around me. holes? oh, your sons can be swimming in my custom made pools. i am a fine digger! okay, gotta go do more blogging. 🙂 ruffHUGS!


  5. rommel says:

    Ahihihi … Cool what they did in the video. Hilarious ending.
    I was away for a very long time, and was afraid to lose loyal followers. I come back and my blogger friends like you are mentioning me on their posts. It tugs my heart so so much. I really feel so very recognized.
    Chuckles would not want to be here. This place is governed by a kingdom of supernatural cats.


    • Sun says:

      Chuckles: what, kingdom of supernatural cats?!? what gives? simply not right – everyone knows us dogs rule the planet. well, phooey. that talking dog video really is funny. okay, gotta go back to napping guard duty. get back to work now, Rommel. ruff!


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