Street of Temples Tan Renga

Imagine yourself as you sit among a roomful of poets. You are all waiting for the judges to announce “…and the winner is…” on the poem completion you recently entered.

The wait seems longer than expected and even your refreshing ice drink holds no appeal since melting down to water hours ago.

Suddenly, a nearby poet slides a neatly folded paper over to you. Curious, you discreetly open the unexpected note. You smile as you read:

Passing under the leafy willows
Of a street of temples
An evening of rain   ~Shirao

As an idle poet, with time to amuse, you respond with your own words.

Umbrella less foreigners
Pray silently with robed monks  ~☼sun

You fold up the paper and pass it on; and a poet continues to add his or her own link, in many ways much like a chain letter.

This may have been the way Renga, or the written sequences in verse capping way, came about according to historical stories.  Larry Gross writes from his book, How to Write and Publish Poetry:

“A single renga can go on for hundreds, even thousands, of links. One containing 10.000 links has been reported, but about 100 seems a practical limit today, and that is seldom reached.”

I promise not to go with the thousand links, unless you want to. 🙂 Instead, my offering link to Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga, the elegant (a girl can dream, right?) collaboration between Shirao (1735-1792), Chevrefeuille and myself.

Passing under the leafy willows
Of a street of temples
An evening of rain   ~Shirao

monks rush to the temple hall
to honor Buddha with their mantra    ~Chèvrefeuille

umbrella less foreigners
pray silently with robed monks   ~☼sun

Thai Temple

photo by James Trosh via Flickr

If you feel inspired to add a link, you have until August 21, 2013 to share yours with Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga.

Thank you, and may your days flow smooth with every prayer answered.


18 thoughts on “Street of Temples Tan Renga

  1. basho2012 says:

    What a wonderful thought to share another link for a Renga, I love the way you have caught up the chain in this Tan Renga … very nicely done.
    (Basho2012 is the penname of Chèvrefeuille on WordPress)


  2. rommel says:

    … and they live happily ever after. That works? Sorry for the uncalled for humor. But honesty here though and not just kissing a–, I like you addition better than the other one. 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      the monks said to tell you Rommel, just leave your big monetary donation at the door…after you pray, that is. 😆
      -forever and happy…i’ll take it! ha-ha ☼sunHUGS!!


    • Sunshine says:

      wahaha!! only if you send the next lines and pass it down…and not the, “i’m a poet-but i don’t know it,” lines. 🙂
      ~so grateful for YOU, Kozo. ☼sunHUGS!!


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