Imagine Living As…

When a bright spotlight of fame-and-fortune becomes the first and only light a young person experiences as a guide in growing up into a well-balanced adult, it can cause serious challenges along the way.

Imagine being the only daughter of a very famous musician; he passed away June 25, 2009…
That your birth mother was never part of your life because she gave up her parental rights in exchange for (lots, and lots of it) money…
That you only recently reconnected with your birth mom…
That your primary caretaker is your 83 year-old granny…
That you still grieve the suicidal death of your famous father…

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Imagine living as Paris Jackson.

As I read, A Cry for Help, a People magazine article, I was hurting along with young Paris. June must be a tough month; so tough to want her life to end in similar fashion as her dad, Michael Jackson.

After reflection, however, I began to wonder:

Why is it that all the celebrity power and all the money in the world cannot bring a sense of peace nor happiness to a person?

Did Michael Jackson do his children a favor by literally obliterating their birth mother from their lives?

Did Michael use his power and money to hide years of severe underlying dysfunction within him?

I know tough questions like these probably will go unanswered. But, here we have a fifteen-year-old, grieving over the loss of her famous father, trying to find her own place in this world, and all she has is her father’s way to handle life‘s tricky problems: suicide.

But what if she had another lesson on how to cope with life’s difficulties? What if she chose to heal others less fortunate than herself and used her abundant amounts of inheritance money and celebrity power to help fight world illiteracy and extreme poverty?

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I believe that if we give away part of ourselves in good intentions, a sense of peace is the reward. Instead of Paris standing despondently in the shadow of her late troubled father’s legacy, I would like to suggest (too bad I’m not her guardian) she step into her own spotlight and shine goodness and compassion over the world.

Imagine for minute, an e-mail sent from her guardian angel, helping Paris to a more peaceful way of living.

Dear Paris,
As your guardian angel, I want you to know there is a way to keep yourself healthy, centered and a true keeper of your father’s legacy.

First, if you do not know Alex and Brett Harris, brothers fighting worldwide teen low expectations, you must get in touch, now! They inspire young people, like you, to do hard things. That’s right. Do hard things.

Connect with them at The Rebelution. Photo credit: mrkumm.

Next, once you recover your youthful energies, there are people, through no fault of their own, who cannot read. Please, you must know what a huge impact you would make if you could team up with Edeyo Foundation…dedicated to improving the future for children in Haiti through education…. by volunteering your time teaching the Haitian young people how to read. You know your efforts are going towards a good thing because you will be lifting up a new generation that can think, read then rebuild their own country.

Well, just a few angel thoughts to get you started. I believe the small amount of your time and money will help you relieve some of the burden when one is too wealthy.

Oh, and for those you think hang out just for your money, let me suggest you have them commit to a work program alongside your efforts. I bet most will shy away quick and those that stay, are most likely your true friends.

Take care of yourself, Paris. You have much to give to the poor and uneducated in this world. I am always here as a guide and protector but I could use some of your help once in a while.
Speedy recovery.
Love, your guardian angel

How are other ways we can help troubled teens navigate out of depression?

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Written for: EverydayGurus | monthly peace challenge begins with a letter…

12 thoughts on “Imagine Living As…

  1. Kozo Hattori says:

    I love this letter, Sunshine. I think you could address it to most teens, not just Paris. I love what Alex and Brett Harris are doing with Rebelution. I have hope for the future with wonderful teens like these doing amazing things and wise shepherds like you to show them the way. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • Sunshine says:

      refreshing when you run across innovating young people, like the Harris bros, doing good and shining the light to a different path in life. depression is tough and i know, not an easy condition to live with…i hope my addressing Miss Paris specifically is not taken the wrong way. i needed a reference to start with and her article fell into my lap…i do hope the best for her and all who struggle with severe depression. thank you, Kozo. much love and ☼sunHUGS!


  2. Island Traveler says:

    That is a beautiful letter for Paris. I hope she reads it or someone she knows reads it, will share it to her. I felt bad too when I found out she attempted to harm herself. So young to already loose interest in the many possible and amazing potentials of life. I saddens me when children never got the chance to be children. That adults didn’t allow them to grow in a loving, nurturing environment. Money and riches does not replace the special time and love we share to our children. I hope and pray for Paris and all that shares a similar situation to find their light and shine for themselves and others .


    • Sunshine says:

      it is so easy to get our perspective muddled in destructive tendencies, ITraveler…i agree with you, sad knowing many children, famous or not, get cheated out of the simplicity of childhood. that is why your reflective posts shine bright in this confusing world we live in. you shared an important message here: “Money and riches does not replace the special time and love we share to our children.”


    • Sunshine says:

      …life and all its difficulties and surprises. i guess all we can do is hope that our combined worries over this youngster-and her guardian angel’s protection- can see a bright future. fingers crossed and thanks, Phil. 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Little Binky, your pawkisses i know will help…thanks for offering up some help with us. May you find lots of peace and cool spots to hang around just chilling… ♥


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