Cloud Nine

cloud nine

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Your long fingers curl over my right hand as I watch islands of cottony white clouds drift below and above me. Forty years ago, you were off to college and I had one more year of high school. “Hey, sign my yearbook and do not scratch over your photo like you did last year,” I say. As we sit for the very last time at our lunch table, I watch your left hand scribble: Well, I have to say goodbye for a while and remember me and all of our good times. God bless, have a great summer and good luck in your senior year. Love, Dave.

As we prepare for our three-month mission trip landing, I squeeze your hand. I feel your quick reflex return the squeeze. Reaching over, I clasp your upper left arm. I laugh aloud. “What?” you grin. “For an old man,” I giggle, “you still have your high school arms of steel!”

Amusing romp on cloud nine
Two friends share one heart

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Inspiration for Cloud Nine Ligo Haibun. This week’s challenge offered two photographs to choose from and I decided on the aerial shot. Thank you for your support and if you care to join us, please visit this Ligo Haibun link.


17 thoughts on “Cloud Nine

  1. Ye Pirate says:

    A soft, warm haibun with an edge of steel! Very nice! We’ll be doing the Honourable Mentions in Dispatches on a monthly basis soon, which should work well, with continued weekly challenges. .


    • Sunshine says:

      😆 keep those superman arm muscles in shape, Rommel. you never know when a fiction writer may use those arms as a feature for one of their brilliant characters…
      you keep us all on cloud nine with your wonderful blog pieces. thanks for floating in for a chat. 🙂


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