Ligo Haibun| earth has music

The ominous clouds move and gather above me. By noon, orchestras of rumbling sounds in the distance begin to play in discordant harmony. I see the winds getting stronger driving tree branches and leaves to roar in the sudden agitation. Small birds persist in flight the turbulent course flight plan. Lightning sparks across the dark sky and I begin the old farmer’s tale count. One, two, three…five! First, a slow rolling drum-like beat. Rrrr-umm and it trails into a loud CLAP-BOOM! By them count of it, storms about five-minutes away. I stand outside hoping to photograph the noisy electric show.

Between thunder roll lulls, a bird shrieks from a nearby tree. I remember the nest, three speckled blue eggs, from two weeks ago. Built between two branches, I wonder if the nest can hold out during this stormy roller coaster ride. The northern mockingbird cries out again. The thunder – so loud now the vibrations shake the ground.

earth has music
head-banging musicians rock
for those who listen

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Written for a weekly writing challenge:
Ligo Haibun Challenge.
Having two writing prompts to choose from, I chose the latter.
Lost Moments


The earth has music for those who listen – A quote by George Santayana

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Thank you!

27 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun| earth has music

    • Sunshine says:

      Sweet Bongo, so maybe you need to invest in some good ear muffs that drown out thunderous noises…or, listen to really loud metal music (highly discouraged) so when the storm comes, you just think, oh, that dratted music again… 😳 And continue with your nap…😊
      Always a treat to see you, Bongo. thaanks!!


  1. Ye Pirate says:

    a mockingbird against thunder….what a match, so well described. A beautiful haiku about a powerful series of moments in nature…thank you very much for that one..A very original haibun – quite unique, with deep undertones. Well done.. We’ll be doing the Honourable Mentions in Dispatches on a monthly basis soon, which should work well, with continued weekly challenges. .


    • Sunshine says:

      now that the baby birds are gone, my nature haibun can expand out further…:) thank you, Pirate, and your team for the weekly inspiration. i love it! ♥


  2. rommel says:

    Bravissima! Nature, music and an apt for writing and entertainment. I can feel it, i can sense it and yes, I can hear it just from reqding this post.


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