Summer Time Blog Upkeep: #1 Redesign the Floor Plan

Time is a Tickin'

Time…need more time!  ~Photo credit: im elsewhere via flickr

As far as time management goes, the ability to quickly find on-line resources is vitally important from a busy blogger’s viewpoint.

Have you visited blog sites that feature items you would love to include in your blog; or, you discover a great challenge they are participating in, but somehow, link information seems obscurely hidden?

It may not happen too often for you, but when it does, spending time hunting for information within a blog site does burn up precious time and is highly frustrating as well.

Well, then again, perhaps my impatience to search for things is showing. Moreover, maybe I should stop my complaining, and instead, make sure I have a page featuring all the super handy reference resources I find valuable and worth sharing with other bloggers.

Now many of you may know of blogger extraordinaire, Sonel, over at Sonel’s Corner. (If not, you’re missing greatness!) ☺

Her post, Online Fun Photo Effects features her photographs altered in different editing on-line sites. Sonel shares her creative editing skills, as well as, include the link sites she uses and lists them in a separate Links and Resources blog page.

You have to agree, sharing your on-line resources is not only helpful, but a kind “gesture gift” to give graciously to fellow bloggers–especially because  it saves them precious time.

In the past, to give a kindly “gesture gift” to blog friends, I created a page called, Charming Featured Blog/Post Crushes. It started as a blogroll then later became a spot to highlight blog sites and or posts I thought  interesting enough to share with my readers.

Unfortunately, the traffic to the page was minimal; it took incredible amounts of time to prepare every post; link sites were often ignored and worse, broken links popped up because featured bloggers occasionally decided to shut down their blog site.

While pondering what to do about this problem, I remembered my experience while working in a profitable retail fashion business.

The obsessed retail management team constantly monitored sales per square inch (or so it seemed). If an area of the store did not produce to projected sales quota, they would brainstorm and alter, in a crazy whirlwind sort of way, everything in that area to boost sales to meet the quota.

Well, like my past retail training example, since my old page lacked interest for whatever reasons, it is now time to:


As I Strip away the old, and lay down the new…here is the latest floor design:

☼sunROOM: reference resources

I hope this work in progress room can be useful for those looking for some of  the blog resources used here. I also hope it helps you be inspired and be a real time-saver.

Here is the preview for the new, ☼sunROOM! 

Stay Inspired & Stay Happy, Blog friends! ☺


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23 thoughts on “Summer Time Blog Upkeep: #1 Redesign the Floor Plan

  1. Sonel says:

    Stunning post as usual Sunshine and you had me in hot flashes here all the time hon. LOL! Thank you so much for the mention and the beautiful compliment and I am very glad you found it helpful and it’s wonderful to know that you think that of me. You are so sweet. 😀

    Thank you as well for all the lovely links and thanks to you I am going to make a new Page as well for the Challenges. You are such an inspiration. 😀

    Tell me, the theme you’re using for your blog, does it only have the 3 menus of the pages or can you put them all up? I think why some of us missed your lovely page is maybe because it’s under the “About” section. I must admit to my shame that I am very lazy in that regard and most of the times it’s just run in and run out and then you miss out on all the fun, if you know what I mean. 😉 Looking forward to the New Sunroom and thanks for sharing hon. 😀
    *big hugs*


    • Sunshine says:

      I’m a “eat n run” type myself, Sonel… It’s hard when there are so many friends to visit. Totally understandable. As far as theme menu, I did have the page highlighted and will still keep it up there. I’m excited with a new change so thank you for the inspiration!
      Happy weekend! 😊


  2. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Great post Sunshine. I wondered where all the challenges came from, That’s great information. I like your new design. It’s a very cheerful one. Happy weekend my friend 🙂


  3. Kozo Hattori says:

    Love the idea of a sunROOM. Thanks for shedding some light on Bloggers for Peace. Great tip about high fashion retail space. I was thinking about having a guest blogging challenge where we offer posts that we wrote long ago that never saw much light to other bloggers as a guest post. Kind of “recycle, re-use, repurpose” in the blogosphere. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


    • Sunshine says:

      you always think on good ways to stay green and helpful to the blog-o-sphere, Kozo. ☺ uh, i think many of my posts written ages ago should remain in the dark to help protect everybody from pain and agony. ha ha ☺ but i’m sure there are many with excellent ones and your guest posts would be a great place to showcase them.
      thanks, and ☼sunHUGS!!


    • Sunshine says:

      ha ha…i should have put it all out at once but was pressed for time at the posting time. ugh. i needed your cheers today. thanks, Maddy! x☼sunHUGS!


  4. munchow says:

    What a good idea to redesign the “floor” – and I really like the idea of a sunroom. It looks great so far. Hope it will attract more visitors and be easier to maintain. Thank you for the link to Sonel – a very nice blog.


  5. Island Traveler says:

    A sun room that leads to many adventures, friendships and yes, overflowing creativity. Thank you for sharing these and for helping us find each link. Thanks for always bringing sunshine and joy my friend.


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