In May with a Grateful ♥ Heart

blue wildflowers

Month of May has come and gone and Kozo’s recent May Gratitude post reminds me,
my everyday little things sometimes make me yawn
At times Fuss…and
even flat-out Cuss!
But being thankful for everything,
does, in some way, redesign the mind
To see life deeper, sharper, more at ease…

First, for those who visited here, shared and enriched me with lots of encouragement and inspiration, THANK YU!

I am Grateful for…all the blog awards from thoughtful and very kind blog friends; Thomas Jefferson’s words:“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, & thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is SUNSHINE.”; movie night; a new recipe: Buttermilk Sweet Corn Muffins; rain & quiet evening’s @ home; laundry detergent & softener…

…a fireplace especially during a cold night; salt & pepper shakers; a beautiful sunset; Snickers chocolate bars; red cardinals & bluejay birds; the community thrift shop in town with joyful volunteers and great buys ♥ grapes that make great wine ☺ a great yoga workout…

…funny movie, The Killers, with Ashton Kutcher & thanks to Shazza S. who reminded me about actress, Catherine O’Hara who played the hilarious mom; warm hoodie jacket ♥ potluck at church; family time; lovable big dogs like Great Danes…

Grateful for: Scrubbing Bubbles Bathtub cleaner…does a super job cleaning the icky tub; not getting any bills in the mail today; another round of big thunderstorms; peanut butterchunky peanut butter and honey sandwiches; this may sound icky, but really is a kicker–>warm lemon water with shot of cayenne pepper; easy photo gift for mom using Picmonkey photo edit♥ Dry erase bulletin boards; Epsom Salt’s eucalyptus/spearmint foot soak…ahh ☺Father Damien’s labor-of-love for the Hawaiian Leper Colony during the 1800’s…

…overnight oatmeal breakfast recipe; hair clips; hummingbirds!! blog friends that lovingly care enough to say good-bye to their blog friends…I will miss you, Janice, over at Your Daily Dose; dish soap that smells like you are washing dishes in a tropical island full of aromatic flowers; driving down long stretches of highway to make you feel so free; Charles Dickens:

“Have a ♥ that never hardens… a temper that never tires…
a touch that never hurts.

Grateful for: ♥ Greek yogurt; knowing i can function without cable TV; rechargeable batteries; relaxing and fun evening watching Iron Man 3 without the crowd in the theater; sweet juicy grapefruit to make me think: healthy! smiling over a group of fat black and white cows investigating a large fallen tree branch…

… small keyboard dust brusher…wow, do I have a big dust collection; seeing and hearing the whirl of little hummingbird wings at the feeder ♥Mothers who inspire their kids the love of reading; Mothers who teach the art of self-control; Mothers who teach empathy through their good examples; Mothers that often place personal wants on a shelf while raising their children…-A Jessica Lange moment:

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.”

Grateful for: corn chips; Rosemary in gardena rosemary plant that is really thriving; Tiger Balm when sore muscles come *o*; Rubbermaid plastic storage bins…makes me think i have less useless stuff; learning about chocolate infused port wine from A Frank Angle…who knew?!

…all students graduating this month; funny 2011 movie, New Year’s Eve (love Robert Deniro); iPhone trivia: if you have poor iPhone reception, place your phone in a (empty) glass cup & instantly increase signal bars. it works…

… field of grass dotted with morning dew♥ spring cleaning; voice message photo frames; classic movie night: Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner & Steve McQueen; finding iridescent bugs…wow colors! make-up free, pajama slumping Saturday; rearranged house furniture to make life feel updated; long handle spoons for tall drinking glasses; rice cookers ♥ Words by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Grateful for: +35 mph winds to blow dropped pine cones away; baked seasoned french fries; Sunday church nursery full of little kids ☺ relaxing instrumental music; a fuzzy little playful puppy; American Red Cross volunteers who give so much during any major disaster; extra-large t-shirts for comfy sleep wear…

…life lessons that appear daily…rain or shine. ♥ my sweet house kitty who has her head resting on one of my arms as i type this…she did vomit earlier. maybe she still feels nauseous; garden plantlittle strawberries on the one plant that survived last winter…

…electricity; pine pellet kitty litter; no rain today or big winds; ☺ great love energies from: Francine on Salute to Bloggers VI love the highlight moment…

…clothes hangers; cookout at the lake; hair shampoo & conditioner; cranberry juice; worship time with church family; mac and cheese dinner; classic movie night with Elizabeth Taylor ♥ Memorial Day to honor our fallen soldiers. Francis A. Walker’s words:

“We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.”

Grateful for:  Mountain Dew soda; sunny days; brave folks in Oklahoma going through more tornadoes tonight and all those who are praying for Oklahoma; lemons…

…mom wasp busy building her nest but gets spooked when i come over to photograph her progressmama waspcrickets and fire-flies; wildflowers; yoga pose: Full Wheel or Upward bow; stir-fry with chicken, lots of kale and chayote squash; 30 minute rain and wind downpour; Brainsnorts: Writing 2.0 Getting Started

…fluffy pillows;☺ happy smiley faces; friends who put their minds to get healthy and achieve it…one friend took off 100 pounds by simply eating sensible portions and choosing right foods; bananas with crunchy peanut butter; blog friends who carry out their goals:

Check out Arindam Mohapatra’s book–(Amazon)
“I Wish and Hope”

* * *

With a grateful heart, I wish you abundant blessings!

♥ Thank you ♥


38 thoughts on “In May with a Grateful ♥ Heart

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs says:

    What a wonderful “thankful” post. Your rosemary is looking amazing. Just started trying to grow one for hubby (it’s his favourite herb). Not looking anything like yours but pleased to say I haven’t killed it yet


    • Sunshine says:

      Susan, i love the rosemary plant because it just grows crazy without expecting any attention. i did not cover it during the winter & occasionally water & fertilize during warm weather. (all plants should be that way. ha ha.) that one in the photo is about two years growing like crazy. oh, and insects are not a problem on the plant. guess it’s too smelly for them. ☺ yours will take off. i have faith.


    • Sunshine says:

      /smiles, Marilyn!! thank you so much ☺
      life seems to zoom by me so fast and having gratitude in the little things can be forgotten. this monthly post is just a way to be more aware of all the blessings that come my way. thank you. ♥


  2. hungrygirleats says:

    Many many many things in this blessed life to be thankful for – your list is one of them !! 🙂 have you heArd the Macy Gray song “Beauty In the World”? I bet you’d dig it 🙂


  3. Arindam says:

    Sunshine, you are one lucky person, who has so many things to be grateful for. I hope you realize that. I wish life is going to give you so many more reasons to be grateful for with every new day it brings to you. stay blessed!!


    • Sunshine says:

      thank you, Arindam. i wish the best for your book(s) and future success in whatever you set out to do. i am grateful for this life with all the good and the challenges. happy belated birthday ☺


  4. Kozo Hattori says:

    I love reading your gratitude posts, Sunshine. It is funny because I recall the same days like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, but in a different light, so your post brings more Light into my world. Imagine that.
    I love your reminder about the impermanence with bloggers. I often act like my blog friends will be here forever, but bloggers do whither and fade sometimes. I am so grateful that you are going strong.
    Did I miss one of your historical fictions posts on Father Damien? I am so intrigued by Molokai and the Leper Colonies. hint, hint.
    Last but not least, Full Wheel pose??? That pose kills me. They say you should practice ever day one pose that you love and one pose that you hate. Guess which one I hate? I am in awe of your gratitude for full wheel. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


    • Sunshine says:

      first, Kozo…☼sunHUGS!! wow, i hope your sons were napping or at school when you wrote this. /laughing. ☺ second…thank you for inspiring me to set aside time to reflect then write on the blessings in my life. even though it takes a good chunk of time to prepare this, i am happy once it’s done. wow. this is just four blessings highlighted each day–well, some days left out…boo-hoo–just thinking about the whole month full of blessings is so explosive to the mind!! third, about blog life…much like real life. some people go without saying goodbye and some give hugs before they close the door. ☺ fourth, i’m getting senile. i don’t think i did a fiction story on Father Damien, yet. ha ha. fifth, Full Wheel yoga pose is scary at first but like anything challenging…lots of practice, fails, practice, fails and then one day…boom. full wheel and off i roll away…☺ thank you so much, Kozo! ☼sunSMILES!!


  5. Sonel says:

    What a beautiful grateful list and photo’s Sunshine and so informative. Yes, we tend to overlook the small little things sometimes. Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*


    • Sunshine says:

      ☼sunHUGS, Sonel! thanks for dropping in…since i started listing just four grateful things on a daily basis, it makes me so appreciate all the blessings in my life. amazing. hope your weekend is flowing as you planned. ♥


      • Sonel says:

        You’re welcome hon and it’s a fact. The minute we start seeing all the blessings, even the small ones, we do appreciate what we have for sure. Hope you weekend is a good one hon. Mine never goes as planned but it’s okay…I am going with the flow. LOL! *big hugs*


  6. aFrankAngle says:

    To me, the post has this subtitle … A simple perspective about life …. in other words, very well done! …. and cheers to chocolate and port together … so the keys are Trentadue Amore and Rosenblum Desiree


  7. munchow says:

    Another beautiful post about being grateful. I enjoyed following your thoughts and thankfulness. Too often most of us forget to be grateful for what we actually have. Thanks for the lovely words.


  8. angelswhisper2011 says:

    What a lot to be thankful for Sunshine. It was a pleasure to read it, In fact it is always a pleasure to read your posts. I’m glad your rosemary plant is growing again, that means that you’re protected and that the place is purified from negativity, they have also the power to cheer you up when you’re depressed. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      wow, really? i did not know about the rosemary plant being good for depression and warding away negativity. in fact, Anglels, i really am loving this plant more and more. i put a few cuttings in a vase with water and now it has developed roots for a new plant. this is what i call a perfect plant. *laughing*
      ☼sunHUGS and thanks!!


  9. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hi Sunshine! Thanks for sharing Thomas Jefferson’s eloquent quote, I love his shining optimism. I’m grateful for your I-phone tip, never knew that! I’m grateful for having wonderful friends who are mindfully aware and grateful for this blessed experience we share together – Ah Life! ♥


    • Sunshine says:

      try the empty glass with your phone…it really works. actually kind of funny when you think about it…now we know when we see a bunch of phones sitting in glass cups the place has lousy cell phone connection. ☺
      thanks for the blessings! ☼sunHUGS!!


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