House Cat Wisdom: On Perspective

Wait. Before I miss last week’s Jakesprinters: Sunday Post on Perspective:

It is all about changing perspective when it comes to napping. Take it from me, a plain old house cat; never let any opportunity slip by…

Happiness is within us. If you happen to see a couch, do not simply plop down to sit.

Instead, change perspective on the matter…
Let nothing hinder or disturb you…
Quietly drape slowly down for a quick catnap.

cat nap

Ahh, this may take longer than a catnap…care to join me?

18 thoughts on “House Cat Wisdom: On Perspective

    • Sunshine says:

      Susan, i think we should all start to practice the art of draping across the furniture. maybe we can have more peace in the world. ☺


    • Sunshine says:

      hiyo Rumpy! now, you are cheering happy, yes? of course, yes! ha ha. dogs may not drape so well but some have the “i’ll just sit in your lap,” perfected. ☺
      thanks! i mean, woof!


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