Ligo Haibun Challenge: Wild West Fantasy

Imagine in your youth, the sparkle in those pretty, dark eyes as you ride across the American western frontiers in search of a new place to call home. On May 1st, you silently celebrate your birthday hunting with the wagon train men. Who needs girlie celebrations when your talents with a gun and horse riding abilities increase remarkably quickly without them. Silly waste of time. It takes at least five months with the wagon train team to make its way from Missouri to Montana. Your family is moving and in five months, your outdoor survival skills will be perfect. Unfortunately, mom succumbs to “washtub pneumonia” and dad dies soon after. Being the eldest of six children makes you their natural caretaker. Three sisters and two brothers. Life in the wild, Wild West is never easy. How can a poor illiterate young girl support herself and siblings?

First, you keep believing in yourself and take every opportunity that comes your way. No work is below you. You work as a dishwasher, a cook, waitress, nurse, a miner, an ox-team driver, a dance-hall girl and yes, sometimes even selling yourself at the Fort Laramie Three-Mile Hog Ranch.

Calamity Jane with gun

wild west fantasy
rough-riding, gun-slinging gal
calamity jane

♣ ♣ ♣

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23 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge: Wild West Fantasy

  1. Kozo Hattori says:

    Love how Calamity Jane is a perfect 5 syllable line. Great story with tons of empathy. Where in the world did you find the Hog Ranch? Everything under the sun. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo


    • Sunshine says:

      i know, Kozo…i was amazed when i put it down & counted the syllables on my fingertips. how perfect is that?!? haha…must have been desperate times over at Hog Ranch i’ma thinkin’ ☺ ☼sunFUN!!


  2. Island Traveler says:

    Cool fantasy. In every girl is a heart that is tough, full of courage and adventure. Looking at all the women in my life( mom, sis, wife, friends, family, blogger community), they are truly a strong bunch ready to conquer the world in all their greatness.


    • Sunshine says:

      he ehhehe…we got some good disguises, huh?!? but we still need awesome gentlemen like yourself to balance the mix… 😛


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