Love: Waiting – Holy Saturday

With the highlights of Good Friday and the light of Easter Sunday, Holy Saturday, or Black Saturday, can sometimes get lost in the Easter season. Holy Saturday signifies the day “Jesus Christ’s body lay in the tomb.” Like this dark time, we may also find our own lives going through periods feeling lost, hopeless and filled with darkness.

In this short but powerful video, Alain Emerson poignantly poses a challenging question about our relationship with God during the midst of pain, abandonment or anguish. He asks, “When was the last time you were truly honest with God?”

Sometimes when we pray about certain situations, it seems to get worse and waiting for answers only finds silence. This makes everything about praying seem hopeless. However, Alain’s honesty with God helped him find victory during a difficult time in his life.

This is a life-changing message I wish to share with you on this Easter season.

God bless you with abundant peace.



12 thoughts on “Love: Waiting – Holy Saturday

  1. Kozo says:

    Was having a dark day, and this is exactly what I needed–a little light and Sunshine. Thank you dearly, my friend. God is in the silence. We are never forsaken. {{{hugs}]} Kozo


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