Green Man

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It is seven-thirty. The orange feather rooster crows. It is mid-winter. Last night’s relentless snowstorm put down a thick white snow blanket across the farm. As little birds flutter around to find food, the farmer dutifully sets a brown woven basket by the forest‘s edge. It holds bundles of wheat, fresh fruit from the cold cellar and large red beets still holding their green leafy tops. He looks deep into the thickly packed indigenous tree forest. The sun flickers between the evergreen branches like some bright light show upon a silent winter stage. The old farmer pauses frozen in gratitude. The family tradition is to offer food to the full bearded, half-man, half-beast forest dweller. The Green Man, they call him, if fed, helps lost travelers out from the forest. The farmer believes the Green Man brings him abundant harvests.

Once, the farmer’s two young sons got lost while playing hide-and-seek among the trees and throwing snowballs at each other. Sheriff and his boys came searching with their heavy winter coats, gloves and flashlights. Eight hours later, close to midnight, the exhausted brothers stumble out in the open, cold, hungry but safe. They swear to their dad a large bearded legend of a man helped navigate them home.

cries from little boys

deep within dark forest brings

squirrel meat and hugs

InspirationLigo Haibun Challenge with a picture prompt.

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  1. Kozo says:

    You got me right in the heart with “squirrel meat and hugs.” {{{Hugs}}} Kozo
    actually, you had me with the red beets. Have you read Jitterbug Perfume?


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