Some Days

shifting gears

Some days you feel nothing too thrilling. Your emotions are idling in neutral. Your life seems like a long drive down a lonely highway. You wake up; attend to your normal routine to fire up the day. Meditate. Pray. Exercise–rather reluctantly. Shower. Eat. Feed all the needy animals. Walk out the door. Drive off. The day winds down. You come home late, feed the emotionally and physically starved animals; then, shift to low gear and simply melt down in pure exhaustion.

Some days is no different from all the other days except the weather forecast is neither sunny, nor rainy or even slight chance of snow. No. What is unusual is the melting together of fog and drizzle and that would equal frizzle! Huh? Who knew there could be frizzle in the weather forecast!

Some days, you finally figure a little secret: shifting gears in life is unavoidable. There will be ups, downs and everything in between. By melting together the expectation for the day with the outcome of the day (especially if it turned out furthest from your plans) in a positive way, life could actually become an exciting affair!

To balance your life
Shift smoothly expect changes
Clutch, gear, gas as one

* * *

(209 words)

Inspiration & Challenge: An invitation from YerPirate to write a Haibun for The Ligo Haibun Challenge. The Ligo Haibun challenge is to write 220 words or less including the Haiku. The prompt is Melt. This is my first entry. *eek!*


23 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Yay! Hehe, I call days with frizzle in them bad hair days. 🙂 I like the way you did the three different paragraphs with the common themes highlighted sort of like the three lines of the haiku conveying one common theme.


    • Sunshine says:

      hiiihii, life=adventure=play! yay!

      some of us spend much time driving…hard not to see life as in the driver’s seat hopefully going places and not just revving up in neutral. eww. 🙂

      thanks, Phil!!


  2. yerpirate says:

    SUPERB! What a wonderful analogy you created! Really, you caught the spirit of haibun fully, and you said some very real and rich things – about moving into low gear for example, when tired, not to try to fight it with a high gear. I reallly think you created a wonderful piece here, thanks so much Sunshine – missed it earlier when you posted, hadn’t appeared, my apologies, and thank you again for this haibun, full of really relevant, easily accessed information presented in a clever way.


    • Sunshine says:

      i am honored and very grateful for the challenge to create ideas into words, Yerpirate. prior to this invitation, i had no idea what a Haibun was…something new also learned.
      thank you so much. 🙂
      and for the reblog as well. ♥


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