Mind the Gap: Miss Juanetta Takes On mini-fluffy GIF Interview!

What happens when a computer illiterate housekeeper like Miss Juanetta, meets an MTG (Mind the Gap) staff interviewer?

Say what?

I know, it is a strange question but let’s face it. If anyone can take on an MTG interviewer, it may as well be the housekeeper. In Miss Juanetta’s simple housekeeping world, computer technology moves at the speed of light. In her opinion, just thinking about the 8 minutes 19 seconds time it takes sunlight to reach the Earth is pretty darn fast!

Heck, only dust can move quicker than that! Let us bet she will have the MTG staff interviewer frustrated in no time flat.

Now, although Miss Juanetta spends most of her time keeping the planet squeaky clean, sometimes, she unexpectedly finds herself in the spotlight. Why this occurs is a mystery waiting to be solved.

This week’s Mind the Gap (MTG) writing challenge had a MTG staff interviewer, for example,  randomly stop her while she grocery shopped for the Toorich family.

The mission to interview a common housekeeper known only for her excellent cleaning skills and not her pathetic computer illiteracy is, as I said, strange, but a bit entertaining and educational at the same time.

Check out the impromptu interview:

MTG staff interviewer: So tell me, Miss Juanetta, are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millenniums? What do you think?

Miss Juanetta: Animated GIFs you say? Hmm, wait a minute…I am just a housecleaning lady that knows everything about dusty things and nothing about GIFs…let me Google it.

MTG staff interviewer: Never mind, I will tell you, it means Graphic Interchange Format and according to Wikipedia, “was introduced by CompuServe in 1987.” You, obviously are clueless about GIFs and pronouncing it varies with each person. If you like the sound of the word “gin,” then the soft “G” is your choice; however, if you love the word “graphics,” then, the hard “G” would be better.

Miss Juanetta: I see, so what exactly is a (says it in a soft “G”sound) GIF in plain English?

MTG staff interviewer: Are you serious? I just told you it is a Graphic Inter…oh, never mind!

This is an example of an animated GIF that would probably entertain junior high students …

English: An animated gif.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miss Juanetta: Gee whiz, MTG staff interviewer, I think this animated GIFs is making me feel sick. I fear, if all animated GIFs are like your example, then, yes, GIFs are just fluff and for the carefree youth.

However, I think GIFs are improving and creative artists are really producing more than young dudes dancing about. For example, the Sunday Post host, Jakesprinter, uses the GIF technology not only for his Gravatar image, but in many of his post creations.  Other cool creative GIFs can be found here at GIFWICH.com.

Hi Jake!

So, to answer your question, MTG person, I believe GIFs is the new wave to communicate; but what do I know as I am only the fail-at-the-latest-computer-technology housekeeper, so yeah.

MTG staff interviewer: Well, kick me for a dummy…I think a got the wrong story and the wrong lady! I am out of here!!!

Miss Juanetta: *thinking* …this is so not happening to me, right?

I fear it is, so you better head on over to this Weekly Writing Challenge that explains everything you need to know about GIFs in the correct form, along with great contributors frequently being added to the mix.


This short story is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge and Miss Juanetta and MTG staff interviewer are both fictional characters, the product of an imagination gone wild.

Thank YOU!


9 thoughts on “Mind the Gap: Miss Juanetta Takes On mini-fluffy GIF Interview!

  1. Bongo says:

    Animated GIFs have sure come a long way from those little cartoon animals walking across the screen. I’m waiting for someone to make a GIF of me. Oh wait, I move enough on my own.


    • Sunshine says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth…I have so much to learn about creative writing & just trying to stay fresh with different approaches. I love learning from the pros like yourself! Thanks!!! 😉


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