A Game-Changing Invention: Wheels, minus Three Letter Words

Where would we be if some charming, brainy person

failed to think upon or simply rolled away ideas

about circular objects known as wheels?

Wheels–a very useful invention

–dating back to about 3100 B.C.

Certainly, loss of wheels,

or perhaps better known as, an automobile,

could only mean, relying on travel time either on crowded city buses,

expensive taxis, or, heavens…walking

–I fear using my feet power!

I admit my spoiled childish nature…

Oh, deep dark days, if called to be, without personal auto wheels.

Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful

–always each year’s list includes such things as cherished family,

friends…adding today, “my-life-is-terrific” with these inventions

–easily forgotten plows, to quite versatile, wheels!

Listen, lifeless would carnivals to state fairs be

without thrilling rides that work around wheel designs,

thinking mostly on Ferris wheels…

screaming, blazing roller coasters

–to dreamy, melodic merry-go-round rides 

my heart turns ecstatically grateful

many times over to

my charming wheel inventor–whoever it is!

* * *

Name a game-changing invention that deserves a grateful recognition.
* * *

Inspired by November 16, 2012 Daily Prompt: Write an entire post without using any three-letter words, this post includes many words; however, three-letter words should be completely missing from this text. Now I can absolutely say, Shakespeare was right…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I love all the three-letter words more that ever!!

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