The Daily Planner To-Do List Improves With the Plow

Did a simple farm tool cross your mind today? You know the great invention the plow?


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Yes, the plow, although rudimentary in design, the early plow, if you think about it, really did change the world for humanity. For example, before the plow, finding food was the top goal setting priority for hunter/gatherers.

I think the hunter/gatherer’s daily planner To-Do list was simple.

Hunter/Gatherer Joe’s  To-Do List:

Go hunt meat for wife to cook
Go find water
Go dig up some tasty roots
Go gather vegetables

*Note: Don’t come home empty-handed or suffer the wrath of angry wife.


With the plow, however, man was able to grow food with less time involved and that led to more free time for other activities.

Farmer Joe’sTo-Do List:

Go feed the cows
Go hitch up the old horse to the plow
Go plow the land
Go feed chickens
Go visit neighbor and shoot the breeze on the porch a bit
Go to country store for a game of checkers with the fellers
Go visit Molly, the cute saloon gal and have a swig of whiskey while there
Go harvest the corn, potatoes and wheat

*Note: Ask Molly’s hand in marriage next week


In time, with more modern plows invented, people were able to grow lots of food that led to trading the surplus for goods or services. Since greed is a common defect not easily kept in check, our military and fortification skills may have improved as the surplus needed to be protected from ruthless thievery activities.

Finally, the plow indirectly brought about the modern supermarkets, with their full shelves of so many types of fresh produce, and today’s daily planner probably has changed little except we spend less time finding food and more time doing far more important things.

Suburb Joe’s To-Do List:

Go get coffee at Starbucks
Go to the office and get some work done
Go to the gym for an hour workout
Go to the mall and pick up some running shoes for wife
Go to neighborhood grocery store and pick up bag of apples, milk, bread, frozen pizza and wine.

*Note: Stop at the flower shop and get some roses for wife’s birthday surprise or consider life as over.

* * *

 Has the plow changed your life in anyway? 

* * *


16 thoughts on “The Daily Planner To-Do List Improves With the Plow

    • Sunshine says:

      haha, Otto, dig up all those weeds now! I am really happy we have more time for other fun things instead of looking for food all day…of course, there is always that dreaded chore, cooking up a meal. Oh, yay. Enough on dreary things…
      have yourself a great week! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Now, Rommel, remember never forget the special events…ever. 🙂 Haha…
      I love your idea featuring a blog with a post…I am thinking I may have to turn pirate while I slip you a mega size rum drink and while you are swimming in rum, steal the idea!! 😉
      You truly inspire us to reach higher…thanks!


      • rommel says:

        Steal away if you please. It’s not easy actually. I add from 20 minutes to hours to my blog composition to decide who to feature and what post to feature. Like yours for example, I knew I remember a lot of great posts from yours. I had to re-read them again and start weighing until I make the decision. Then, I have to come up with something good to say… that one is easy part 😀 hehe.


      • Sunshine says:

        Oh, dear… 😦 extra time always finds a way to run from me!!
        I may just sit on the idea awhile…but so glad you gave me the backstage information on your post creations…WOW! Now I am super impressed!


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