Sharing is Caring: A Lovely Pair from the Netherlands

Hey there…it is me, ChucklesChuckles, the farm dog, dog writer, awards, blog–aka, fabulous blog/farm dog…in the house to receive some awesome blog awards…

Someone was thinking of Simply Charming.

Someone I find very, very cute.

Shhh, do not tell my current feline girlfriend who thinks she owns me and pesters loves on me constantly.

dog, cat, affections, photograph, feline, canine

My current feline girlfriend…

…but someone else was thinking on things…

The someone is Little Binky.

She now lives over in the Netherlands, Rotterdam to be specific, but will soon be moving to South Limburg.

Am I right or am I right…Little Binky is for sure, CUTE, and she came by recently months ago and left the, THINKING of YOU Award.

Little Binky: Just sitting and looking at the sky…and thinking about all my blog friends especially Chuckles, the awesome and handsome blog farm dog…

( I hope Little Binky does not have a dog friend…you think she might like to be my blog feline girlfriend?)

Okay, okay…focus, because photographer, Chris Breebaart, from What’s (in) A Picture–Chris Breebaart, recently delivered the Lovely Blog Award.

I just realized that Chris blogs from the Netherlands as Little Binky. How cool is that??

As you know, blog awards come with a few rules but to make blog life a bit easier, I have taken the liberty to combine the two award rules into one.

You guys can thank me later with lots of extra-large dog bones…or shoot me…either one. Woof! Go…

Rule #1 Post award image somewhere on your blog and naturally thank and link back to the sender:

Thinking of you – Award and One Lovely Blog Award

Dear Little Binky and Mr. Chris,

If I want to say thank you in your language, should  I say dank je?

Dank je.

Thank you so much!

For those not familiar with Little Binky, she is a lovely cat that blogs with the help of her granny, angelswhisper2011. I say they do a bang up job too with so many stories about the adventures Little Binky gets into experiences.

Mr. Chris is an awesome photographer…go check it out yourself–What’s (in) A Picture–Chris Breebaart,

Thinking of You Award

Grateful for this moment.


Rule #2. Tell seven things that you love and that you think about daily.

Chuckles loves:

1. FOOD … table scraps the best!

2. SLEEPING … mostly in the day time works best for me.

3. BARKING … listen, this is top-secret: Sit outside at night-time and watch for lights to go out in all the houses and once the last one goes out, activate your constant bark alarm. Even if you do not see anything creeping around in the dark, just bark … and make it go on ALL night.

4. MESSES … spill your food dish, shed your fur all over the yard, track dirt into the garage especially after a big rain storm.

5. MEDITATING …simple, yet profound words like, St. Augustine’s “Love God and do as you will…”

6. SINGING … how about Silly Love Songs with Paul McCartney?

7. CHILLIN’ … with my blog buds…and my food dish.

Rule #3. Pass the award to seven other blogs.

A mix of blogs friends…some new and some old-time favorites:

Writer’s Journey


Living, Loving, Laughing, Snapping…..


Life as a Minister Mom

Such Wild Love


* * *





Thank you once again to Little Binky and Mr. Chris and congratulations to the seven blog wonders!

Woof, Chuckles aka blog dog.

* * *

If you are wanting to know the real rules for the One Lovely Blog Award, here it is:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post (and put in the logo)
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know


38 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring: A Lovely Pair from the Netherlands

  1. tchistorygal says:

    My like finger doesn’t workright now, but I love this. I love Chuckles and Blinky, and I love that they gave me an award. And it has such a pretty picture. I am touched. I love awards.Thanks Chris. I may take a while to make this happen, but I do APPRECIATE it to the utmost! 🙂


  2. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Dank je wel, Chuckles! Little Binky was very honored to see her picture near to yours and enjoyed your, as ever, funny answers. Now she’s singing a song “We zijn twee vrienden, jij en ik” (we’re two friends, you and me 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Ohhh, you guys will fall in love with Little Binky instantly!! Wait, I, Chuckles, may have to get jealous…oh, never mind…I forgot, I have to learn to share…Woof!
      A billion thanks, Phil and company! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh, hey, Rumpy…so glad you pawed on out here for a visit. *blushing* I didn’t think myself cute since people around me only tell me I smell. Heck, I’m a goat dog, what do they expect!?! WOOF!
      My cat, you want her? She’s crazy…always smooching up to me!!!
      Well, I gotta go and eat dinner now, so bye and thanks again. 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the interactions with folks via our blogs…how wide our world becomes because of it!

      Wait…this is Chuckles pushing his way here: WOOF …translates to thanks, Marilyn for your support!

      🙂 Happy Halloween!!!


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