A Splash of Color to Make You or Break You…

Have you ever had a random, foggy black and white kind of day?

fog, landscape, black and white, photograph

Splash of black and white color: brings in a foggy, random, depressed, slightly despairing mood…

Nothing life threatening but a mild sort of hazy feeling that traps you into an unfocused, lethargic attitude and, no matter how you try to be productive, the drive to pursue whatever is your passion becomes seriously lacking; the only solution seems to be found in frequent cat naps, like my house cat illustrates so beautifully here…

cat nap, bed, feline, photograph

…on the bed…

cat nap, couch, photograph

…on the sofa…

cat nap, floor, feline, photograph

…on the floor…

shy, cat nap, photograph, feline

…on a chair and oh, so shy…

Cat naps work well just about anywhere!

I wonder at times if this uncertain randomness is due to a black and white way of seeing the world. You know, it is either the way you want things to be or nothing at all–talk about thinking in extremes!

Take for example the effort one puts into publishing a blog post. Do you anticipate, as often as I do, how a blog post will turn out? I admit this is a grave fault of mine– over anticipating–and I really should grow up, be done with fretting and worrying over who will like or not like a certain post. For example, if a certain post gets very little traffic, I begin to worry.

Was it something I wrote…or maybe did not write…too long…too short…not enough photos…too many photos (usually never the case) or *gasp* simply poor writing technique?

Fret…worry…more frets…more worries.


Instead of all this wasted black and white way of seeing things, I should develop a more “grayer,” leading up to a more colorful thinking scale and allow the “perhaps” to play a more significant role. For example, as the extreme black and white thinking sets in, I can reason that maybe blog readers are busy with life outside of blogging.  I mean we all have a life outside of the blogosphere and maybe my thoughts can become a bit more colorful to include a transition into a more positive outlook on things. Further, perhaps a post would get less traffic because the subject at hand was in all honesty, just too damn boring or too hard to follow. That is understandable.

I should not take it so personable. Ideally, I should sit back, stay calm and reflect on the moment as I allow the grays and colorful thoughts to flourish in abundance.

stuffed animal, bro button, photograph, chilling

Splash of black and white with a slow transition into color: feeling a little better and no, I am not taking any of this personally…really…

Unfortunately, for all of you, I am still digging my way out of extreme black and white thoughts like, “Oh, no, my readers hate what I posted! They think it is all zombie crazy writing!!…”

zombie, despair, photograph, backslide, worry

Splash of bloody, screaming red color: you are now watching me backslide into zombie-ish kind of despair and worry…

AHHHH, SOMETHING IS WRONG…did I not use enough colorful adjectives??? Tell me…aahhhaahh…Oh, to hell with it all…I give up…go on, poke out my eye…I sacrifice it all for the love of my craft…farewell my dear friends…

…Wait. What is this?

Amazingly, the mist of gloom from my day has suddenly lifted, perhaps because I made the effort to clear my mind and write without a worry. How nice it is to witness the world in color, dive happily into the great Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color and finally accept whatever comes my way.

So long, black and white colors, be off with your splashes that left me in a slump and feeling like an eyeless zombie!

color, photograph, landscape, see clearly

Splash me in rich autumn colors: warm oranges, soothing greens and peaceful blues…the fogs been lifted…I can begin to see clearly once again…

* * *

What kind of colors surround you today and how has it affected your well-being?

* * *

As you may have guessed, the writing challenge this week was to “highlight a color in a story or event.” I chose to focus on the dominate colors that surrounded me the last couple of days. The type of weather we experience does seem to affect our outlook for the day…at least it happens to work that way for me. Enjoy more contributors to this writing challenge below:

33 thoughts on “A Splash of Color to Make You or Break You…

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Well, I have to admit, Sunshine–that I still struggle with black and white thinking/moods. I’m getting better at it–but middle-ground still eludes me most of the time. I’m usually Caddo-high, or wishing I could jump off my not-high-at-all 2nd floor balcony (which luckily I’m too lazy to actually consider). Today is one a them days when I’m beating myself up–that’s not good. As far as posts go–it’s easy to get too wedded to your own stuff; I find that if I set my expectations low, they’re always exceeded by the results. If even one person laughs at the funny stuff, or is moved by the other kind–that’s a win for me and God–and sufficient motivation to keep doing this gig everyday (unlike many bloggers, I Do Not have a life beyond blogging). God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


    • Sunshine says:

      Whew, good to know I am not alone on this, sis…hey, did all the photos open for you? Blogger, Scrapydo left a note here saying some of my pics did not open for her. Just wondering if I need to do some tweeking with the photo media. (Oh, yay.)

      Our mind sure gets pushy at times…always trying to get its owner down and useless. I like your idea about setting a moderate expectation on things so one can at least reach the goals and feel good about them. Good thinking, Caddo!!

      Thanks again and God bless you BIG too!!


      • Caddo Veil says:

        I’m thinkin’ maybe they opened the 2nd time I was there, as it looked like everything was different from my first visit–but don’t count on me, I’m delirious…as usual.


      • Sunshine says:

        No, sis, you are just fine…I did have to go back and redo a few of the ones that strangely enough showed up on my page but not when one of you all opened it, only the cat photos opened. Sheesh. Okay, back to regular programming…lol! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      I just went back in and fixed it, Marilyn…I thought one could combine the gallery with single images but either I’m missing some instructions or it just can’t be done. 😦
      Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


  2. island traveler says:

    I’m glad you feel better. Colors do make a difference. I have my grey days too but I hope to have the brightest, happiest colors if possible. Autumn colors…just warm and amazing. Thanks.


    • Sunshine says:

      Finding ways to navigate positively during the colorless days is a creative adventure in itself! Sometimes writing out our thoughts is all it takes, Island T….may you find all your autumn days warm & peaceful.


  3. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    The thing about black and white: so simple yet so complex! But not sure if worry is from the simple end or the complex end of the monochromatic experience. Best to throw some color in there to distract and escape the question?
    Nice post – well done


    • Sunshine says:

      Our beautiful and complex mind…what are we ever to do with it? Alas, you are so right, Phil, to mention, where exactly does worry stem from…the simple or colorful complex? Not quite sure either…but taking up on your advice…splashing lots of color around as a cool distraction.

      Thanks, I needed that! 🙂


  4. rommel says:

    Don’t worry, Sunshine. Or should I say never worry. I do am one who also anticipate completion or success. Bad habit indeed. But I think I had learnt not to worry about feedback. You really need to just free your mind about that. You share, you blog, what you are so you really shouldn’t worry.
    I LOVE, LOVE this post. Your best post ever.


    • Sunshine says:

      Thank you so much, Rommel, and will/am working to get over this prideful attitude of mine…drats! Such a time waster it is…I appreciate the much needed tip and lift. 🙂


      • Sunshine says:

        2013…my lazy self fears you will be taking us to higher levels of blogging…OHH.uh, please go easy on us, Rommel!!!

        >>i LOVE your innovative style of blogging<<

        a HUGE thanks for your superman efforts because it radiates encouragement to do better than average!


    • Sunshine says:

      It was a fun post for sure, Elizabeth…a bit time consuming but worth the effort.
      I really appreciate you visiting each of my posts…you are so amazing! Thank you…:)


    • Sunshine says:

      Yep, having color is definitely the way to go around in life…hey, glad you splashed in here and hoping all is going well with your move, AngelsW. 🙂


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