Weekly Writing Challenge: Something Completely Different *EEK* BEWARE! A Halloween Ballad…

Here is a short ballad about a woman gone mad.
It happened because she fell in love with Cigam, the terrible nomad.
Molly, the charming sheriff’s wife
Found forbidden pleasures that altered her good life.

Cigum, Halloween, terrible nomad, seduction

I want your soul!! Bwahahaha…

No one could resist seductions from Cigum’s evil heart-light
An encounter Molly succumbed to while tripping in a house of fright
Bravely, the sheriff attempted protection to his Molly with a KA-BAR knife
But Halloween disabled his knife’s function and evil became Molly’s nightlife.

Molly now spends all her time drinking Cigum’s flowing poison
Contemplating how to rid of her lawman that keeps her idly frozen
For she desperately longs to live among the living dead
To be united with Cigum, the terrible nomad, and all his beautiful lunkheads.

This ends the short ballad about a woman gone mad.
Every year Cigum’s world grows stronger; soon the sinister world will be ONE!

skulls, halloween, ballad, photograph,

“We live for Cigum’s love…long live Cigum, the terrible nomad and all of his living dead!”

For here lies the sheriff, his wife Molly and god knows who
Now, how  eager are you to decorate and do up that haunted house for us to view?


* * * Reflections for, Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different:

>At the end of your post, take a minute to reflect on the experience of creating it. Was it easier than you thought? Harder? Did you learn anything useful? Will you incorporate the new style into your repertoire? Would you try this exercise again with a different style?<

Creating this ballad was harder than I thought because the Halloween/evil theme is not my usual subjects I like to write about. In addition, I learned that ballads have certain rhyming patterns like: AABB, ABAB, or ABCB.

Will I incorporate this new style into my repertoire? YES, and would like to try this exercise using a different style. Thanks!

Now, check below some wonderful and talented contributors to this challenge:

25 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Something Completely Different *EEK* BEWARE! A Halloween Ballad…

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    I like that you tried a ballad, I’m all for that–good job! The subject’s not my cup o’ tea, though…


    • Sunshine says:

      The subject was way off my usual path but thought it would work for the challenge–I think it did. Ugh, why would you want a house decorated with these creepy things is over my head…hey, thanks for dropping in to my mini horror post, sis.
      Now I ask for a shower of blessings to pour forth & put these spooky stuffs to the ground!!! 🙂


      • Caddo Veil says:

        It’s such a shame that the beautiful month of October is turned into an “oogie” one by “creatures of the darkness”. My feathers are in a flap because there’s hardly anything decent on TV, for when I need to “rest” from my writing and veg out. I mean, seriously, I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve rerun “The Exorcist” and all the others of that ilk. I know, “settle down, Caddo”– on a lighter note, have you seen the latest Geico commercial with the cackling witch flying through the broom factory? Now, that’s funny–kinda makes me think of myself–the cackling part, I mean!!


      • Sunshine says:

        Unfortunately, or maybe fortunate, sis, I lack TV viewing capabilities, just DVD viewing for me. I can see how icky it would be to subjected to horror shows…I cannot bear them. As far as Geico’s commercial…I can imagine the cackling witch…Geico definitely hires great marketing staff…that gecko cracks me up every time I see it.

        Haha, glad you will not be flying the skies…just cackling. Oh, sis, Caddo this is too funny!! 😉


  2. rommel says:

    Poetic, not your writing but Molly. Molly is very poetic. 😛 I’m just joshing. The pattern is darn hard to follow. You obviously did well with the task at hand.


    • Sunshine says:

      Thanks, Rommel…writing is a challenge in itself for me but I just go along for the practice and fun of it all.
      I appreciate your honest review…thanks. 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Uh, oh…I better call up on Little Binky and Chuckles and have them on stand by in case I run into a rough patch…*laugh-laugh*

      You bring so much encouragement and happiness, Angelswhisper…thank you! 🙂


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