Okay, Halloween is a month away but it is never too early for skeletons…right??
Maybe there is inspiration for a great costume design from Implicado’s post, yes?


Death has a different meaning for us mexicans than for some others. We actually mock about it and have jokes on how we are teasing death and how we cheat it.

This thinking comes from our ancient past, and even after the spaniard colonization it remained deep.

We do not render  cult to death, instead it is a reminder that we must live fully. In the meantime, artisans make skeletons  that represent all socioeconomic groups in the country, as death doesn’t make differences.

For any walks of life, they will meet. At any time. The woman skeletons are called “Catrina”

La Catrina or Calavera Garbancera (Chickpea Scull by José Guadalupe Posada).

Garbancera, is the name given to chickpea sellers, having indian blood, they pretended to be europeans, spanish or french, being the last one the must common due to the mexican ruler Porfirio Diaz, who stablished strong bonds with France in…

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    • Sunshine says:

      It is great that we have a day set aside where one can actually go about town and see all the “dead” come to life…lol!
      Is it me or have you noticed, Angelia, how expensive Halloween is becoming?!? Where did all the homemade costumes go?? *Wah*


    • Sunshine says:

      I give all the thanks to Cedric for sharing those neat death dolls. It was a first for me…did not know such things existed! sad indeed.
      Now I thank you, Elizabeth for sharing in the conversation…:)


  1. */-)ndr¡X* says:

    My dear friend!!
    I love that mexican tradition, of all the traditios we have that one is on of the most gorgeous!! Thanks a lot for Shareing 😀
    I am proud, for being a Mexican, Viva México!!

    Have a great Day!


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