A Gentle Creative Moment

In the gentleness of a creative moment, may an unexpected surprise float in like a gossamer feather tickling itself into the undiscovered places of your imagination.

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In memory of Daria Donnelly: A wife, mother of two children whose life was cut short by multiple myeloma. The above quote was gently written from Daria’s deathbed–                                                                Rest in peace, Daria. (1959-2004)

 Where do you find your gentle creative moments?

12 thoughts on “A Gentle Creative Moment

    • Sunshine says:

      Beautiful. Deanna, to find creativity in the midst of chaos is quite a challenge but I bet you get a lot more from those than the quiet times…amazing how our mind works, huh?

      Thank you so much for your visit and may your Sunday be filled with all of life’s best…


    • Sunshine says:

      I think I hear Little Binky whispering she can help you with a little “Little Binky” song/poem.
      Lol! Have you noticed how many great songs revolve around big heartbreaks? Truly a creative moment to relish in…
      thanks, Angelswhisper!! 🙂


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