Chuckles Speaks On the 10 Commandment…

I know, I know, you have missed my beautiful face, but, LOOKY here…I was busy landscaping my back yard, digging and digging gigantic size holes to lay around in and, *gasp* oh, noooo, LOOK:

10 commandment blog award, buried, Chuckles, dirt, hole, gasp

Creative landscaping by Chuckles…call me for ALL your landscaping needs. 🙂

I found this 10 Commandment Blog Award buried way down deep and had I not dug a deep hole, I would have totally missed this award! Some of you know what a stickler I am for getting things out on a timely basis so this, this is absolutely shameful!!

Who buried this blog award?? Hmm, why so quiet all of a sudden?

Okay, never mind. I forgive you, and you and you!

Listen, unless you are totally new to blogging, ya know the short and sweet blog award rules. For the newbies, here are the complete rules, and by the way, newbies, my name is Chuckles, AKA blog-farm dog/writer; I handle all awards around here. See my beautiful face further down this page…

Now, back to business. Here are the quick and easy award rules:

1.. THANK the giver.

THANK YOU, Francine!!! WOOF!

FEELING THE LOVE « Francine In Retirement is a wonderful and supportive blog friend living in the United States. She is an inspiration to many and when I retire from my landscaping–watch dog work, I plan to follow her example and blog everyday about my paw-some retirement adventures around the farm.

2. Next rule, answer the 10 questions below:

Let’s GO:

1.   Describe yourself in seven words.

chules, blog dog, writer, farm, dog, canine

Great Pyrenees, furry, fat slightly chubby, writer, blogger, cheerleader, watchdog and great landscape specialist. I specialize in customized large holes. (See my lovely work in the photo at the top of this page.)

2.   What keeps you up at night?

   Anything that moves after dark; mysteriously lurking around to get pass my great watchdog instincts and forces me to sing bark all night.    

3.   Whom would you like to be

       Fancy you ask that question…well, I would definitely have to be,  John Wayne or perhaps, Sylvester Stallone aka, “Rocky.”

4.   What are you wearing now

      Erm, white fur…a bit dirty with lots of sticky things like burs, twigs and *yikes*  do I see dead insects on me? Say, you would not have a minute to spare to brush me, would you?

Just asking…

5.   What scares you

       What?!? Nothing scares this over 100 pound pup…no, sir, I am fearless!! 

6.   What are the best and worst things about blogging

       The best of blogging is, I mean, come on, me, an ordinary farm dog can actually have a job writing for a blog site like this. I think it is dang, super awesome!

Another BEST of blogging is the many folks who bring so much life to my simple country life.

The worst thing about blogging is the severe sleep deprivation one can get if not careful. It is not so much a problem for me because my eyes shut immediately when my brain has too much input.

7.    What was the last website you looked at

      Why do you want to know?  TMI (too much information)

8.    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be

       Well, you see, I have this terrible drooling problem especially if I see you putting food (my favorite thing in life) in my dinner dish. So ya, I would like to stop drooling. It is hard to find a girlfriend when you have a drooling problem. Trust me. Female pups do not like handsome males, like myself, drooling…

9.    Slankets, yes or no

       I think I am a slanket…that is what my cat girlfriend tells me…hehe.

10.   Tell us something about the person who nominated you:

See my thank you section above. Thank you.

3. Finally, the last rule is to nominate 10 blogger pals you want to share the award with.

(TIP-off: I shamefully disregard rules so you may or may not see 10 nominations as it will depend on how well you use your imagination.)

1. Ray’s Mom

2. Ben Nelson

3. It’s a Pussy Cats Life

Well, that’s my 10 nominations…it’s time for me to, what?? I only have three nominations? No, silly, you really see ten. 🙂

I must run along before I miss dinner so, thank you Francine for the 10 Commandment Blog Award.

Congratulations to the 10 nominees… 🙂

WOOF, laters guys!!

*  * *

PS: I forgot one thing…paste this picture somewhere on  your blog and link your post to your nominees site (so they know you awarded them):

10 Commandment Blog Award

28 thoughts on “Chuckles Speaks On the 10 Commandment…

  1. munchow says:

    Congratulations on the nomination. What a fun way to pay tribute to the award. By the way what qualifications is needed for making customized large holes? And what about 8 on the list, is that really you – or actually your owner? Keep digging my friend.


    • Sunshine says:

      Well Otto, if you want to specialize in customized large holes you must grow huge front claws on your paws. Make sure your owner does not clip them and if they attempt to clip them, run away as fast as you can to the other side of your yard. Wait til they go away, and they will because they have very little stay power. When the coast is clear, find the spot you need to landscape and dig, dig, dig!

      Erm, #8 is seriously, I have to admit, my biggest problem, other than that, I must say, I am near perfect blog dog. hehe.

      Okay, gotta go dig now. bye, thanks and see ya! 😉


      • Sunshine says:

        Teehee, woof…as for #8, unfortunately it is built into my breed. I don’t know why they had to put drooling into us…so sad. 😦
        Looking forward to your future updates on your landscaping designs…:) just holler if you need help!! LOL!


    • Sunshine says:

      OH, Angelswhisper, you are the best for me especially since you say I look like a professor…you make Chuckles one happy blog dog. Umm, tell Little Binky, don’t worry, I am still working on the awards she gave me. (but don’t tell her I am really a lazy blog dog)
      Okay, I better go back to work on those awards before I get no dinner…see ya! Woof, thanks xo, Chuckles. 🙂


  2. Arindam says:

    Congrats Sunshine. 🙂 I hope you did not miss your dinner that day. By the way what was that last website visited? 🙂 One of the funniest award acceptance posts I’ve ever read in past one year of blogging.
    Thanks for the chuckles!!


    • Sunshine says:

      Chuckles, Blog/farm dog here, Arindam…woof, I almost missed my dinner but luckily I got the post done on time and my owner fed me as promised…
      As far as the last website, um, my doggy lips are sealed…now, I have to get back to digging. I hope you have a fun week like I plan to do…WOOF (thanks)! Chuckles.


    • Sunshine says:

      Woof, Clowie! Thanks, I was thinking about you and knew you would totally understand our great landscaping skills! Haha!
      Here’s to our super claws!! 🙂
      Thanks for taking a break to visit me, Clowie…now, let’s get back to landscaping!!!!


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