The Ravenous Vampire and Words…

An Unknown writer simply and truthfully prayed:

words, sweet, sweet words, postaday, cake, circus,memory

“Please God; make my words today sweet and tender for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”

Going further with this prayer let me add, “And please God, remind me constantly to be delicious with my words, flavor them with golden honey and let loved ones feed from the abundant banquet table where loving and gentle words are graciously served around the clock.” Amen.

Going off on another tangent, here in the United States we observed Labor Day today, Sept 3, to celebrate working people and their contributions to our society. It signifies that summer is ending and traditionally, children would go back to school tomorrow. These days, however, schools have revamped their schedules and many students are already attending school.

I think I hear all the happy parents cheering in the background! Back to school, yay!

Since we are on the subject of school, some of you may know I am working to improve my vocabulary, a bit of self-improvement never hurts, and here is the new word hidden in this sentence. See if you can guess the new word for today. *wink*

Secretly, the ravenous vampire played exceptionally well in the game called, Words with Friends, and by night worked diligently for the town newspaper as a successful cruciverbalist.

Of course you spotted the new word right away as: Cruciverbalist (kroo-ci-VUHR-buh-list) noun

~One who dreams up crosswords or an enthusiast of word games, especially of crosswords

Cover of "All About Steve [Blu-ray]"

Photo credit: Zemanta

In the hilarious movie, All About Steve, Mary Horowitz (played by Sandra Bullock), is a crossword puzzle writer and thus can be tagged a real cruciverbalist.

Well, there you have it…the, “nothing you ever wanted to know,” ravenous vampire, biting out a few things on words…and things…and…

I am so outta here!

Laters! xoxo

6 thoughts on “The Ravenous Vampire and Words…

    • Sunshine says:

      Haha, you just made me bust out laughing Elizabeth…if you must know, as soon as I saw you turn and get distracted, I used the super post flame thrower and shot a few out!! LOL!!!

      THANK YOU!!!


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh dear, by the look of your awesome blog, dear Rommel, I believe you are way out of my league…I am throwing in my tiles ahead of time and admit defeat! Haha!! 😉


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