Pressure Change


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The calm before the costume storm change

Recently I worked backstage as a changer. It is an exciting job changing 25 different costumes on just one actor–that would average around 12.5-costume changes for each act in a two-act show.

In this stage production, there were 20 characters, only 2 actors, 2 changers, an act 1 and act 2.

I learned a few things about my (so much pressure) changer job that I can apply to my life.

First, life sometimes expects us to go off script and improvise, like when your dang car breaks down in the middle of summer and you need to be at work in half an hour! Quick change needed! Ad lib…improvise…quick, aargh, the pressure!!

Second, quick changes in life can mean, no, will mean, MESS!

>Costumes, wigs and props flying through the air as rapid chaotic changes happen.<

YOU WILL HAVE MESSES! Go through the change and come back later to clean up.

Finally, no matter how quickly you work to change things for the better, sometimes you will not get perfection or make it on time to get perfection, so, you can follow the footsteps of the actor I dressed and undressed and blurt out as he occasionally did,…f**k it…as he quickly dashed on-stage with a few missing costume pieces and props, and, with just enough time to roll into dialogue for his next character.

This was crazy, pressure changes! …STOP.

(**sometimes, backstage language is very colorful–I write as is…my apologies if it offends.**)


Have you had a pressure change recently?


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14 thoughts on “Pressure Change

  1. island traveler says:

    Whew I felt the both the pressure and excitement! I work in the E.D, and frequest changes can be both good or bad depending on the kind of patient I deal with. It is good though to just work at our own pace although that may be a luxury sometimes.


    • Sunshine says:

      I am guessing E.D means emergency and if so, yikes, Island T.! That is the life and death kind of pressure and I bet you had some incredible ‘pressured’ experiences to remember.
      I give credit to those who make their living working under constant pressure…just a little for me is all I need!
      Thanks for sharing and visiting. 🙂


  2. suzannestock says:

    A long time ago in a land far, far away… I did a little acting and singing. I once rushed on stage with a dress on backward. Fortunately, the design of the dress and my position on stage were such that I was only made fun of by the others in the show when it was over. The audience had no idea! Whew!

    It’s great meeting yet another blogger in the Five Minute Friday frenzy! 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Great to meet up with you too, Suzanne! It is funny stage life, how so much error goes on but thankfully the audience remains clueless and only the players backstage are having dramatic breakdowns…haha!

      Thank you for sharing a not so delightful moment at the time but one that has good memories for you now…abundant peace and light to you. 🙂


  3. angelswhisper2011 says:

    I think the backstage language and pressure belong together. I always bump my tooth, knee or other body part when I’m under pressure, it’s a reminder to count till ten.. make it a hundred… and breathe.


    • Sunshine says:

      That is a good idea, Angelswhisper, to count to a hundred and breathe under pressure. Ouch! It is hard to do but worth it…and you are right about how natural the backstage language flows with the pressure. It seems like something is wrong if you don’t hear it…yikes!
      Thank you for sharing and hope it was not too much pressure…lol! 🙂

      Hi to Little Binky!!


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