Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban–Calm before the storm!

urban, calm, postaday, weekly photo challenge,photograph,shopping

Hoards of shoppers arriving any minute now…


Slice me a bit of urban calm before the arrival of insatiable urban shoppers’ aggressive take over.

urban, shopping cart, postaday, weekly photo challenge,shoppers

Thank you.


What is your ultimate urban shopping  dream?

(Mine? Shoes and books, of course!)


Join up every week with the Weekly Photo Challenge: This week’s theme>Urban.


34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban–Calm before the storm!

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Nice entry, definitely the “Calm before the storm.” My “ultimate urban shopping dream?” Easy, unlimited funds and about 5 hours in Adorama in NYC! So much photography gear under on roof. 😀


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Books, music, movies; writing supplies; housewares…I’m sure there’s more, but I’m starving right now, so I might type “snacks” (oops! I did it!). God bless your week, Sunshine–much love, sis Caddo


    • Sunshine says:

      Haha, sis, you crack me up…in a good natural way, not the ‘crack’ drug way!
      I like what you got in your shopping cart…all the essentials for abundant living. 😉
      Have a blessed and peace filled week!


  3. Terence S. Jones says:


    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of (some of) the submissions and wanted to ask your for permission to include your shot! If so, could you send me a link or the file?



    • Sunshine says:

      Hi Terence!
      I loved your images by the way and um, sure, go for the images here. (I feel so honored, thanks!)
      I am a bit confused about your ‘send a link or file’ request…you mean the link address of the photo? sorry, slow mind you are working with here. ;(
      Thanks, again. 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      I have to agree with your worst shopping days…like Black Friday!
      Getting to the shops early is the key to a peaceful shopping experience…thanks, Island T. 😉


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