Insight into Laughter

Laughter is a gift.” –Jodi Meyers

insights, laughter, agelastic,postaday,gift,life,happinessThink about it, as adults, on average, we laugh approximately twenty times a day and a baby laughs approximately three hundred times a day! Are we so busy trying to get through all of life’s challenges that we forget to take the time to find laughter in the fun moments that surround us?

Is laughter something we take for granted? 

Seriously, what would life be like if tomorrow, you suddenly find the ability to laugh, especially at funny situations or jokes, vanished into thin air…totally, gone?

First, you would be quickly classified an agelastic human being, one who rarely laughs, especially at jokes, a simply mirthless person!

It may seem a bit funny, but being an agelast has happened to a few historical figures such as Isaac Newton, who was known to have laughed only once in his lifetime!

Hmmn, what?? Did they have a reality show back in Mr. Newton’s time, stalking him to see if he would bellow out a laugh or two? I guess we just have to believe Mr. Newton was not the laughing type of man.

According to Marshal Zhukov, “Seldom did anyone see (Joseph) Stalin laugh.”

I would say after briefly reading about Mr. Stalin and his early violent upbringing, it is no wonder Stalin grew into an agelast, ruthless dictator. (Minor note: I often fell asleep during history class so please pardon my rudimentary take on historical events/figures. Sorry.)

Enough on agelastic historical figures, the question is, do we want to bring abundant laughter into our lives to see the positive benefits laughter creates in our daily lives?

Of course we do! Ha ha! We all want increased oxygen in the blood…stress hormones reduced…stronger immune system and relief from some physical pain and, by golly, laughter can deliver all of that.

“The human race,” according to Mark Twain, “has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

So, do not take your laughter for granted; activate your mind to find all the joys that surround your day and like coffee breaks, include abundant laugh breaks as well.

“The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.” —Johann Wolfgang Goethe


What insights on laughter come to your mind lately?

Ha ha ha ha ha… 🙂



19 thoughts on “Insight into Laughter

    • Sunshine says:

      Hi Sweet kitten (and the Viking!) Yes, you two are really showing us how to live an adventurous life traveling and meeting so many new people and learning about different cultures. Awesome!
      Thanks for sharing…;)


    • Sunshine says:

      Hey Susan,
      Yep, life without laughter would be quite unbearable and just think how mean everyone would be…ewww, yay for laughter!! 🙂
      Thanks for your joy and laughter today. 😉


  1. utesmile says:

    Thank you for linking my article to your “Laughter”. Your blog is brilliant and I will follow your Sunshine happily. I need my daily inspirations with Rumi, and other quotes. Life is nothing without laughter and I laugh a lot and cheer others usually up. Great I found you!


  2. Angelia Sims says:

    There have been several instances lately where my daughter has made me laugh do hard I doubled over. God blessed her with a snarky funny and it gets me every time. I could NOT live with no laughter. 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      It is wonderful to have young folks around to remind us to ‘chill’ and have some fun…what a blessing your step daughter is for you, Angelia.
      Don’t blink, she will be all grown soon …how fast life goes! 😉
      Thanks for the joyful story!


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    All I know is that I LOVE to LAUGH! Even living alone, there’s plenty of hilarity with Caddo. If I were rich, I’d send subscriptions of Readers Digest to everyone I know–they have the funniest jokes/stories I’ve ever seen anywhere. Sometimes I’m just doubled over, can’t stop if my life depended on it–laughing. Afterwards, I’m drained of all tensions. That’s been my go-to source since I was a kid. And there are some TV commercials that are really great, too. And I laugh at myself all the time–I’m my own best audience. Ooops, times up! God bless you, Sunshine!! love, sis Caddo


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