So Much Passion and Random-ness Going On Here!

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Hey all you charming, sun lovin’ peeps! Not much is happening around here, (except a lot of passion and random-ness) and you know I am feeling those lazy August summer days.

Well, seems like the perfect time to plop down in an air-conditioned room and dream up on words like, say, passion.

Seems like such a strong word and at the same time a very good word to ponder:

passion…dictionary version >a strong liking or desire or devotion to some activity<… well, you know my current passion, as I suspect is the same with you if you living a blogosphere type of existence, is none other than, …writing and blogging! Oh, yeah!

Here are a few really random thoughts:

Everyday we should wish for something to happen in the Universe: creative and fun-loving August days for every artist and an endless supply of pistachio ice cream!

With such a short post, you wonder how I can say I have loads of passion for writing and blogging. I wonder myself, hehe,  so now we are even.

I am off now to scale my couch for some serious couch napping workouts.

Do carry on, my sun lovin’ and, oh, so charming peeps!

Now, how about it, what is your current passion and that one wish you are dying to throw out into the Universe?

11 thoughts on “So Much Passion and Random-ness Going On Here!

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh dear, I got stuck on the pistachio ice cream–I don’t think I’ve ever had it, but am wondering if I might pour chocolate sauce over top??? What am I thinking–I’ve gained 10 pounds in the first year of my blog, eeeek!!


    • Sunshine says:

      Hey, the chocolate sauce over the pistachio ice cream is a great idea…I am going to try it, Caddo. Thanks, and I agree, those food blogs can send a few pounds on any body simply by looking at the fine images they post. Lol! 🙂


  2. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Are you awake, Sunshine, after your napping workout 😀
    Finally it has stopped raining in Holland, and they say it will be Tropical warm this weekend… well, tropical over here does mean: muggy, windy, no sun, dark and it looks like it can become bad weather any time. That brings me to the question for the universe: Sun, -we- I need cloudless, warm weather, so please bring us the Sun.


    • Sunshine says:

      OOOHH dear, Angelwhisper! How can the tulips of Holland manage with such awful weather with what…….!?! NOOOO SUN???!!


      Sending the *cyber* sun…express mail, especially for Little Binky to sun herself on the deck. 🙂


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