Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

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The only thing WRONG is, I should be in the house!

If you let me in, I promise never to do wrong.
No wrong done to your new couch– oh, what is a few designer scratch marks and upholstery rips, just think, it makes your new couch all so unique; cat scratched and delightfully vintage.
I will never shed any fur or allow my good friends, the ticks and fleas, to cohabit with me.

If you let me in, I pledge never, ever to cough up a single, nasty hairball.
In fact, the idea of doing wrong does not exist in my sweet kitty mind.
So, I am the kitty you must let in, because your life is nothing without me.
Trust me when I say, you cannot go wrong if you let me in today!

What do you say? Yes, no, maybe so??

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

    • Sunshine says:

      Haha, nooo, I could not bear it, no matter how cute this kitten tries to look, Susan. One cat inside is enough for me!

      Thanks for purring in your thoughts…:)


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