Weekly Image Of Life: Beautiful–The Horse

Some animals command our attention, perhaps by their size, unusual features or majestic presence. When I think about the most beautiful animal, one commonly found here in the United States, the horse comes to mind. According to Pam Brown:

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves
And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

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“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The beautiful horse is the projection of my dreams about myself.

Strong and Powerful

Naturally, I seek some physical strength, but you and I know the inner strength is more important when striving to become a better human being. When I see a healthy horse grazing in the fields, it reminds me, ugh, time to add fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to my diet. Yippee.

Occasionally, I will see a horse just standing, tail swishing back and forth to keep the horse flies away, and just gazing out over the pasture.  Hmm, a reflective moment for the horse?

Maybe, but the moment does remind me to, ‘be still,’  and offer gratitude to the universe for all the beautiful gifts that have come my way.


Face it. Beautiful is where it is at! According to an article written in AlterNet, the cosmetic beauty industry, is…

“Worth $50 billion in the U.S. alone, with Asia a close second and gaining speed, the $170 billion beauty industry conspires to convince women that our fates depend on our looks which depend on what we spend. In this equation, ugliness — as society sees it — can be remedied like a disease, if you just spend enough. Refuse to buy? Your face and fate are your own fault.” (Read more on the Cosmetic Racket here…)

Nothing like twisting ones arm to make you think all those expensive beauty products will actually buy a beautiful self. My take? Why not keep the planet happy and make ourselves as decent as we can but do it simply in our price range. Enough said.

There you have it, a short reflection on the most beautiful animal, the horse: “God’s gift to mankind,” as written in the Arabian proverbs.


So, have you thoughts on any beautiful animals that project what you dream of yourself?


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31 thoughts on “Weekly Image Of Life: Beautiful–The Horse

  1. Kana Tyler says:

    That’s fifty Billion-with-a-B for cosmetics? Whoa. Can’t say I’m holding up my end of things… 😉

    love the Emerson quote–and your reflections.


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh, hey Kana, well, listen, I do not think you need much of the beauty products, your great smile can never be found in any of them anyway. I appreciate you trotting over for a chat…thanks! 🙂


  2. fgassette says:

    Horses are beautiful animals. I was watching ther beauty, grace and strength at the Olympics. Enjoyed your reflections also. Thanks for the pingback and listing my blog.



    • Sunshine says:

      It is a pleasure to have you here, Francine. 😉
      I recently learned that horses have the ability to sense what a person may be feeling inside so their work with troubled youths have been quite successful. It is their ‘sixth’ sense. 🙂
      You are a blessing, Francine…thank you! 🙂


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    There’s a point in the aging process–at least for most of us–when even the high priced “beauty” products only magnify imperfections, rather than concealing them. I’ll spend my dollars on the folks I love–that shows off my inner beauty. God bless you (sorry I couldn’t come up with an animal for you)–love, sis Caddo


    • Sunshine says:

      Hello sis and I believe you’re on the right track about spending $’s where it is the most important. Hmm, no problemo about the animal…hey, have a blessed weekend!!! 🙂


      • Caddo Veil says:

        I am–My bull riding sons are back from summer break: PBR!!! World Finals are Oct 24-28–so I’ll be chewing my nails down to the knuckle bone pretty soon…

        So I guess I could have picked “bull” as the animal–but it’s hard to appreciate them when they’re running over my boys, mashing them into the dirt.

        By the way, yesterday was a serious “swear” day–the Big One was flying out, more than once or twice. Not a happy Caddo day. Later, Sis–God bless you!


  4. island traveler says:

    Now, that’s one wonderful post that comes from a heart that knows what is truly beautiful, the inner soul!. The horse is a beautiful creature and I agree, it embodies, strength, power and beauty. As humans, these are all so inviting. For me, I hope and pray, for good health, of power that comes from a brilliant mind and of beauty that comes from a pure, kind heart that never fades. I know that I have to work hard to earn it as compared to a beauty product that I can just buy at the store. Thanks for sharing a beautiful post my friend.


    • Sunshine says:

      You are the goodness we are striving for, Island T. … carry on your wonderful journey with us!

      May God’s peace dwell in our hearts and guide us in all our works. Thanks again. 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Only now you notice, Arindam?

      No, I am just kidding with you…it is a recent change and hopefully I will have time to do another.
      Thanks for noticing…have a great weekend! 🙂


  5. angelswhisper2011 says:

    Horses are sure beautiful creatures, Sunshine. This was a great post of the image of life. I love the quote and I see the beauty in all creatures of God, and wished I had the serenity of a dolphin, the courage of a lion, the curiosity of a cat and the power to make this world a better place. Have a powerful weekend my friend 🙂


    • Sunshine says:

      Wow, Angelswhisper, those are a great collection of animal reflections…serenity of a dolphin, courage of a lion, curiosity of a cat…

      The power is in our hands…let us go forth doing good and let the changes naturally come from them.
      Thanks! 🙂


  6. Angelia Sims says:

    A very important message about beauty. It’s on the inside and not from any bottle. Horses are beautiful animals. I went to a horse farm recently and it was soooo fun. They all ran up to me like dogs for attention. So cute!


    • Sunshine says:

      You know, Angelia, horses have that sixth sense and if they all ran up to you, they sensed something good in you. 🙂 Some therapists are now using horses with young people who have a hard time expressing and understanding their emotions and feelings. The therapists use the sixth sense of the horse in attempt to find out exactly what a child may be feeling. I find horse therapy very interesting.
      Thanks for sharing…:)


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