SUNDAY POST : Splendid–Silent Sun

Guess what?

Despite the heat wave and wild brush fires popping up all over the place around here, yesterday afternoon, the sun decided to give a dazzling and splendid show to anyone who paused for a moment to look up to the skies.

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A splendid gift indeed!

WOW, is the expression I used as I looked up into the sky and as the late Freddy Mercury, lead singer for the rock band, Queen once said, “I like to be surrounded by splendid things.”

Indeed, a splendid gift from the sun that briefly surrounded my world and despite all the problems the heat wave is bringing; there truly is a blessing-in-disguise. Some of you may know how much the dratted bug; the mosquito means to me, well, I believe the triple digit temperatures have vaporized a good portion of the mosquito population.

Oh, gee, poor little things…sizzled out before they got a chance to suck the blood right out of me. Poor, poor things.

Hey, if you are looking for a great weekly community, stop on by Jakesprinter every Sunday for the SUNDAY POST : With this week’s theme –Splendid. By the way, Jake is a splendid graphic artist and blogger!


Soooo, now that you know my splendid thing I received recently, my curious mind wants to know what splendid thing came your way recently…


25 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST : Splendid–Silent Sun

  1. babyjill7...Marilyn Griffin says:

    I looked around as I sat in the swing buy my husband in our backyard…Sons…daughter-in-law sitting on steps…Grandchildren hanging out…waiting for the popcorn chicken and fries to get done…Neighbor and her grandchild walking over with their new puppy…That’s a splendid day to me…~mkg


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh Sunshine–I cannot tell it yet! Will keep y’all in “suspenders”. But I’m thrilled that your skeeters got zapped by the heat–yay!! And I must say, last night I was far more empathetic for all of you suffering the heat–it was 85 degrees in my bedroom (with 2 fans going). God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


  3. mj monaghan says:

    Love your dislike for mosquitoes. They LOVE me, so I am not a fan of them either.

    Hmm, splendid? The IN-N-OUT Burger I’ll be having in about 15 minutes. 🙂


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