Stay, Stay at Home, my Heart

“His home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.” ~James Montgomery

Hey, here is something charming and warm. Today I saw a billboard advertising and some local doctors in our area are making house calls. I know, big deal, right?  Just think though, one day you wake up sick, you feel awful, feverish and so very weak; the thought of going over to the doctor’s office would simply be painful, if not impossible.

Not to worry, just dial the physician who makes the house calls and depending on the appointment schedule, relief for a better tomorrow can be just around the corner. Yay! There is no effort on your part except for the waiting, dozing off and a bit more waiting. Labored breathing may take some effort, but we trust the traveling doctor and in all the healing medicines soon to arrive to put everything back into proper balance and order.

Therefore, we patiently wait for the doctor to arrive.

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Then I got to thinking, why stop with doctors making house calls, why not activate a whole team of home delivery services for the ultimate home body, (or would it be a hermit’s) lifestyle?

The first thing a home body should have delivered, starting tomorrow morning, would be fresh milk. You know, like the ones you see in the movies where the milkman comes in a white uniform carrying the chilled bottles of fresh milk with the round cardboard cap carefully placed on the narrow bottle top.

For my neighbor next door, I would have her switch from plastic baby diapers to cloth diapers and have her activate the cloth diaper service that would bring fresh, clean diapers right to her front doorstep every few days. Why wash poo-poo diapers when you can have the diaper service people do it for you. Right?

Let us see, hmm, my neighbor would also need to give birth to her next baby at home, preferably with the doctor who does house calls, however, if the doctor on call is too busy to attend to the birth, my neighbor could use a midwife just the same.

Enough on the neighbors, we should have all our meals brought over with one of those fancy grocery/meal delivery services. We could order groceries and meals on-line, but only in between blogging, and have it delivered right to the door.

So, since our health care is just a call away to the house call doctor, our neighbors and food situation all set up and ready to go, we  just need to have the newspaper, and the mail delivered everyday. Oh, and of course, to finance this home delivered lifestyle we need a successful home business.

Gee, it is nice to know that the heart that finds rest in a peaceful home, rarely seeks to venture far from the source of happiness as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow writes:

“Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.”


Is there anything else we need to keep us trapped flourishing at home forever? 


12 thoughts on “Stay, Stay at Home, my Heart

    • Sunshine says:

      OHHHH, Bongo, I am soooo, sooo, sorry! I completely forgot about doggie treats! Getting right on it now, don’t worry Bongo. They should be here by morning!! I am happy your trail today had you detouring over here. 🙂 Sweet!


    • Sunshine says:

      Coming right up, Angelswhisper! I think a personal trainer is something we all need from time to time and I am glad you thought to include one! Yay!!
      I hope the massage person can do hot stone massages…ahhh. 🙂


  1. babyjill7...Marilyn Griffin says:

    Well…of course I remember having our family Dr. coming to our home…and making everything all better..I also remember the milk brought to our home…fresh and cold…nothing tasted better… had the cloth diaper service for awhile…as a gift after my first born…That was a great help for a new Mom…and I have to admit to having Pizza delivered pipeing hot …and even a cold 2-liter if I need it…Do I like these comforts…Some are great…and home is awesome…but, don’t make me a hermit…I love to grocery shop and pick out what I want to buy…so I do have my limits…Neat post!…and memories are running through my head at this very moment!~mkg


    • Sunshine says:

      I think it would be great to have the doctor come over especially when you feel so bad that getting out of bed would take too much effort. I think you are right, it is good to get out of the house once in awhile even if it means only window shopping. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the memories, Marilyn.;)


  2. Angelia Sims says:

    Now, that I work at home. I really could never ever leave, nor need a car with all these delivery services. As long as my hairdresser made house calls, I would be golden. Cheers to the future!


  3. deannagreensandgardenart says:

    Of course a garden or pots full of flowers, herbs, and veggies will keep us busy at home! Nowadays, you can hire someone to garden at you own home. No need to go out and buy, unless the drought and sun scorched your garden plants!


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